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Now I’m going to be talking about yougov survey, I’m going to to take you through my experience of it. You can make money with it and possibly Most importantly, how long it actually takes you to get a payout from this website, so this review is going to focus on yougov in the UK yougov does operate in a lot of other countries, and that has a

List of the other countries that it’s available in example:

The United States and Switzerland, Canada, so I signed up with yougov just over a year ago, and it’s one of only two survey sites that I actually use Regularly, I’ve dipped in and out of others, but I just prefer YouGov and Prolific is the other survey site. that I use a lot because I find the The survey is really interesting, but they only Email me when they actually have a new survey for me to fill out, but I don’t get any spam, and the websites are just really clean and easy to use,

It’s all very straightforward once You’ve signed up with a profile. Up with yougov is really straightforward. They’re going to ask you for quite a lot. of details though, and I think this is One big thing that you need to consider when you’re signing up for any survey. that you will be asked for personal details as your email address where abouts you live. and it may even delve into things such as as how much money you earn. obviously, all of these things are subject to the website’s privacy policy. and

yougov does have a very detailed terms and conditions and privacy policy so that you know that Your data is safe, but obviously at the that data with another party, It’s definitely worth just reading up on. Those before you did it just so that You’re clear, and so that you feel comfortable about the information that You’re going to be sharing once you’re signed up with yougov, you can start taking surveys and

Taking surveys earns you points

once you get to 5, 000 points, can cash out 50 pounds, so it’s a 50 pounds of reward for every 5,000 points. that you earn, so once you’re all signed up, you can then get started with surveys. Yougov will invite you to participate in surveys when there is one available to You know this will not happen every day in the UK, in my experience, I maybe got one per week; sometimes only one per fortnight; sometimes I would wait even longer than that to have a survey come available, so it’s not on a regular day. and it is a little bit sporadic,

so you You’ll need to wait for an invite once you’re invited, you can click through and from your email to the website, or if you log into your profile and you’ll see that an invite for a survey. Is there a survey that you can collect points with a Just a note on the dashboard, there are often surveys. available on there, and it’s very clear. When those won’t earn you any points, will say no points, um in the details about the survey, so it’s important that you sort of look at the surveys that you’re about to do Just to be clear which ones are going to earn you points and which ones aren’t going to earn you points because it’s points that’s going to lead you to a cash payout

The surveys that you take are really interesting

I find, and I really really enjoy They’re about things like your personal consumer habits: what you think of brands, what brands you used, and the The most recent one I did was about my home. broadband and TV services So it was asking me about my Sky services it was asking me how long I’d had it, it was asking me how my broadband speed was It was asking me whether I had Netflix. and Amazon Prime or not, it was asking me How essential do I find these services?

so It was a mixture of my opinions about these services and asking for specifics about the services that I had and other YouGov surveys are about things like your opinions on popular culture on television on movies from particular brands, and they occasionally ask me for my opinions on particular celebrities So there’ll be like a series of questions where they’ll just show you the name of a celebrity in a picture, and they’ll ask you what you I think you’d like to basically rate them. and you can also click if you haven’t. heard of them, and quite often to be honest with the sports personality questions,

I often have no idea who the people are, so I’m like, “Yeah, I’ve never heard of There will also be polls on current affairs issues So, for example, what’s in the news that week, based on what’s going on in government At the moment, do you think the prime The minister should resign, yes, no, maybe I don’t know if it’ll be things like that, so really interesting current affairs questions as well as Questions about your lifestyle as a consumer habits and your opinions on a range of People and brands So

How many points do you actually earn from a survey that you take It varies

some surveys only earn you Other surveys will earn you 50 points. points, and they will be upfront with you. From the start, before you begin the survey about how many points that survey will earn you often when you get to the end of a survey, say a survey about Your lifestyle and consumer habits will offer you an additional survey to make an extra 10 points, and that survey will normally be about your opinions about brands, that’s very quick fire, um, or your opinion about certain political things and current affairs: things that are going on in the news, and those will be very quick fire questions, so you only earn 10 points for that,

but those quick sorts of Tagged on surveys at the end tend to only take like two to three minutes tops. They’re very, very fast. surveys that earn you between 25 points and 50 points, I would say they take you anywhere between five and 20 minutes. really depends, Depending on how in-depth they are, they probably have between 20 and 30 questions for each one and those questions are largely multiple. choice There have been very few surveys where I’ve been asked, do you wanted to add anything else and had to sort of write anything in addition to that it is normally very important to check boxes that you just have to fill out for your own personal situation It’s not long. written answers It’s just tick boxing

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Once you reach 5,000 points with yougov. You can cash out for 50 pounds

but how long does it actually take you to get there Obviously, surveys only make you between 25 and 50 points for each survey. Obviously, sometimes you get offered an additional survey for an extra 10 points. but let’s say, um really optimistic that you can make 60 points a week, and that’s very much dependent on you being invited to take a survey once a week it’s going to take you quite a long time if you are making 60 points a week to get to the 5,000 point threshold; in fact, it’s probably It’s going to take you over 18 months;

it took me a year to get my first 50 pounds from yougov. I was too busy to take a yougov survey when I received an invite and some of my points quite a decent proportion of them have come from referrals to the yougov site, so everyone on their Your government dashboard has a referral link. just scroll down to the bottom of the dashboard, and you’ll see it where you can invite a friend and once your friend signs up for yougov via your link and fills out six surveys. get 200 points,

and I think this really is the way to turbo-charge your way to the 5,000 points, but I don’t think it’s necessarily that you know an ideal. You may not have many friends who would be up for doing surveys, you may You don’t have many people, that you want to invite you don’t want to you know, try and drag your friends into

YouGov surveys so and while it’s a good way to boost your earnings, obviously It’s certainly not a way that everyone can take advantage of so Most people, if you’re not referring people to the yougov website,

You can boost your YouGov points and that is with yougov survey safe

I was recently invited to try YouGov safe, and this is a really easy way of boosting your points like by hundreds of points basically what the government wants you to do. With yougov safe is to share with them. your data from various apps, just When you get invited to yougov, make sure you Clicking through gives you a list of apps that you can connect if you have those apps, for example, Disney Plus. youtube you click through, you’ll need to input your password, and then they can Download your viewing data now, obviously. This is something that you need to feel.

comfortable with providing them access to, but it’s a very easy way of boosting your points balance by several hundred points in just a matter of minutes based on all of that is yougov. surveys any good look personally, really really enjoy using it. I find the The survey is really interesting. little break when I get invited to it if I’m in the middle of work. and it just like removes me from the work that I was doing there, and as you know, it’s not a break per se, but it just gets me doing like something different for 15 minutes.

The website is nice and clean

get me away from work for a little while So the surveys are really interesting. it’s very very very easy to use not bombarding you with ads or anything. like that, so in that respect, every now and then, and you could put that towards you, you know a holiday is a treat your savings pot whatever unlike some other survey sites for example, such as prolific, which i mentioned earlier, which has a very low payout threshold I think once you’ve You cashed out the first time I think.

only have to reach a threshold of sorting of 10 or 15 pounds or something like that. in order to get the payout So your government is not a way to boost your On a monthly basis, it’s a nice little, oh, that’s a bonus, um every one year to 18 months or so, if You do it steadily, but it’s pretty easy. money when you think about it because The surveys only take about 15 minutes. or so and as I said, they’re pretty interesting.

So those are my thoughts on yougov as said, it was definitely not a way to boost your monthly income, with a nice little bonus Every now

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