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How to Become a Freelancer



How you can make money as a freelancer without doing any work as a complete beginner? In this article, I’m going to tell you how you can make money as a freelancer. If you don’t really have experience in anything,

How do I make money online?

I had some skills. How could I use this to make money online? But nothing crazy, so what I did was created an account on freelancer and also on Upwork, and I started to do some basic work there, but when I started doing that, I realized that the money that you got for the job was actually quite low.

Especially if you live in countries like the Netherlands, France, the United Kingdom, or even the United States, there is actually a secret way to make money without doing the work yourself. So I’m telling you in this post that, first of all, you want to go to

Then you’ll be on this side; once you’re there, you want to go find jobs. And let’s say we find jobs by skill in graphic design. But it can be any skill you want, but let’s say we do logo design jobs. You want to find logo design jobs, and as you can see, there are some basic ones, like I need a digital artist company logo designed for 212 dollars. Which is quite a lot, and they probably want a very high-quality logo.

If it’s above $200, we have another one. If you have even one of four hundred dollars, But we have one woodworking company logo for 100 dollars, which is a contest. This doesn’t really matter, but let’s just go in there, and here you can see that if we win, we get 100. So basically, what we can do is send them a message, and we can reach out to them to say, I can make the logo for, let’s say, 90 dollars, but instead of me doing it or you doing it,

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Fiverr vs. Freelancer

We go to a different website, like freelancer, Fiverr, I’m sure you all know. What fiverr is and what we go and do, we type in logo design. We just typed that in, and now all these gigs have come up with a logo design. So for example, I would design an eSports avatar, so actually, I don’t have a five-account right now; I’m not logged in at least. But here you can see high-quality logos that we can find for way cheaper, so let’s say, uh, we want to get a job for one hundred dollars for a logo. We can find a gig on Fiverr for, let’s say, twenty dollars.

For example, it looks really cool. Five is a good choice, as are the 355 reviews. I will do a modern luxury fashion and clothing brand logo design, so I’m not sure if this fits this company perfectly, like a white woodworking logo. For example, Forvea, a modern timeless 41, still looks pretty good, right? We can go into this; we can buy this gig for 41 dollars, and then we can basically do the work for 100, and we can get to keep a 60 percent profit, so of course this isn’t completely free money; you still have to find good Fiverr gigs.

Which can be the hardest part, but just make sure you keep looking until you find a good job for a decent price. Of course, you don’t only have to do logo designs; you can also do web designs, create a coding app, or something like that. Of course, you can do any job you want, so of course you can do anything you want.

Freelancer Account Signup

Select this username. Select the account type. Of course. We want to work by email. If you have a business, you can select it as a business account. But you probably don’t, so let’s hit “sign up” right here. Sign up for success, and now we can enter in our top skills. So let’s say we can build a website. We just type in website,” and all these results come up. And everything that applies to you

We can hit enter, for example. HTML web design, WordPress, and Java, and once you’ve filled in all your skills, you can hit “next” and link your account. So if you have LinkedIn or Facebook, you can link there. I’m not going to do that right now, so skip the first name from this account.

How to Create a Gig

We can also add a picture; of course, if you want, we can hit next. What do you do? I am a website designer, and here we can describe ourselves, so I just entered in some words to get 300 words, but in short, What do you want to do? Make sure this thing looks good. Make sure to come up with a nice story, like I’m a WordPress developer or something like that.

I have three years of experience. I am from India. Just for your country, I am 33 years old, and this is what I do for a living. So basically, describe what you’re doing and who you are. Once you’ve done that, you can, of course, hit next. What languages do you speak? This is Dutch, and let’s also select English.


When were you born? So you need to be at least 16 years old. Next, enter your address. So I’m going to do Amsterdam right now. Once you’ve entered this in, you can hit next right here. And now you have to verify your email, and once we’ve done that, we’re basically done.

Start earning money through Freelancer.

As you can see, the email address is verified now. You can add a payment method. So this is basically adding a payment method. So you can actually get paid because it’s really cool if you have a client and they pay. But if you don’t have a payment option available, they, of course, can’t send anything you can add, like PayPal and all those payment options. I’m just going to hit skip for now; that’s pretty straightforward. So don’t do the Plus membership; it’s not needed. Just go for the free plan, so we hit Skip Right Pro as well.

What we can find on Fiverr So we can actually find a job. For example, logo design has all these options. So of course we have all those different currencies, but here we have logo design chants that change five euros per hour. I need to change the color of the plus in the logo. Okay. This is just a basic job they could easily outsource on Fiverr. If you don’t like that method, find a gig and do the work somewhere else. Instead, you can also do the work yourself with free software.

Creating Professional Logos on a Budget: Exploring Fiverr and Canva for Affordable Design Solutions

Fiver If you don’t, I need to change the color of the plus in the logo, okay? This is just a basic job. Create an account, hit Create Design, and type in the logo for a design. Which can be professionally made on Canva itself. You don’t need Photoshop skills or anything for this; what we do is type in wood. So maybe there are some templates to show. We can say those are all pros, but here we have this one.

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We can change the text woodworking; let’s make it a bit bigger or something like that. Hawaii, and then we can change this; for example, let’s remove it just like that. So we have a basic design, of course. I just made this in five seconds. You can take some more time to create a logo on Canva. You can then download that and submit it to the job of a freelancer.

And that’s how you can make money as well? So if you don’t like the Fiverr method, you can also do it with Canva. But I’m sure if you find someone in five who can do it for 20 to 40 dollars, You get way more professional designs, and you can get better reviews from freelancers because of that. But still, Canva can do a very low-budget project like this one for five dollars. Which is like nothing; you can definitely make a free design on Canva.

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