Website testing from home

Hey welcome to our page and if you arrived here you’re probably searching for a beta website testing review so go over how it works whether i think it’s a good use of your time or not so all it is it’s a if you don’t know

Beta testing it’s just reviewing you

know products apps website testing software that sort of thing and you know seeing if there’s any bugs or glitches and then offering your feedback um to these companies who want your feedback so they can tweak things and you’ll be paid a small amount i do mean very small amount for your efforts now now this company better testing they’re formerly known as early bird they’ve changed their name recently they’ve been around since 2012.  very trustworthy company based in Chicago and they have a database of over 150 000 testers so you can definitely trust them with your information. Now,

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What you’re going to do is come here and join us as a better tester and that’ll give you most of the information you’d want and you can sign up for free. It’s very easy to sign up. Fill out all your information and you’ll be contacted via email if you qualify for any of the focus groups.

it gives you a chance to join other focus groups even if they’re full essentially the third way is you can just donate to charity if you want now you’ll be paid via paypal seven days after each project and now now as far as payment it’s ten to twenty dollars per test on average and but

Keep in mind the test can last anywhere

Anywhere from 30 minutes to several weeks so you kind of have to do the math and think is it really worth your time and there is a limit to the number of participants they’ll accept per test so you’re not going to be able to just sit there for eight hours a day and just do tests all day i don’t know if you’d want to do that anyway but um you know but if you were doing that you’d be making you know 10 20 an hour it might be kind of worth your time right

but you can’t do that because there’s a limit on the number of tests to go around and there’s and there’s a lot more testers so um so can you make a little money yes but are you going be able to quit your full-time job uh pay your bills with this absolutely not and they don’t even promise that they even say on their website don’t use this as a job replacement it’s just to make a few bucks on the side so they’re very transparent about that and

so if you have an extra one to two hours a day um and you’re just going to fiddle on your phone then sure go ahead but if you’re serious you really want to bake you know you should be making 100 200 300 an hour if you really know what you’re doing um you just have to think is it worth your time right now um sorry i’ll make sure i’m covering everything

Now there are some requirements

you have to be fluent in english if you decide to go down this route  fluent in English, both writing and speaking, and there is going to be a time limit to give your feedback, so if you’re just doing this on a 15-minute office break, you need to set a little more time aside for some of these because they could take an hour to several hours, it just depends, and also that your feedback has to be good.

You can’t just say, “Oh, everything’s hunky dory, it works just fine,” no, they’re not going to accept that you need to answer some questions and, answer some questions. Be truthful, you know, hear the problems, and sometimes the owner will actually follow up with you via email, so you have to help them there as well, and that can take some time, so, um, is it a legit company? yes uh do they pay out yes

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but is this the best use of your time uh only you can decide right i can’t decide that for you but again my opinion if you have an extra one to two hours a day i would what i would be doing to really leverage the internet is you want to start your own online business that’s my opinion and uh so

There’s many different online businesses you can start

Because with this you’re making let’s just do some math so you know let’s say making 20 bucks at the high end well they say you’re going to be getting zero to five opportunities each month so let’s say on the high end you’re getting five opportunities a month that what is that that’s a hundred dollars a month you’re not going be able to pay your bills on a hundred dollars a month right so so what i suggest is start an online business right

Take control of your own financial future now you might be wondering what online business to start. There are so many different opportunities out there: there’s MLM, there’s drop shipping. amazon fba  What I suggest and what I think is the simplest business model for the average person You don’t have to be some kind of guru, or some amazing salesperson; you could just be a normal person, like a housewife. This works for everyone. It’s called affiliate marketing.

So you might have heard of affiliate marketing. It’s just recommending other people’s digital products in exchange for a commission. firstly it’s very simple there aren’t too many moving parts secondly the profit margins are very high they can be as high as 90 between 50 and 90 percent you do need to spend a little bit of money on some tools but it’s really nothing in the grand scheme of things and thirdly

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There’s lots of automation and leverage in place

so you don’t have to be there all the time um it does take a lot of work to get set up but once you do it could be like 80 automated so if you’re feeling lazy one day or you only have one or two hours a day uh you can still be generating commissions on autopilot so oh i have to catch my breath so uh if you’d like to learn how to affiliate marketing the right way what i suggest is check out the link below you get access to a free 4 day trading series it’s currently done

by my mentor actually but i might be doing it myself in the future i don’t know and i’ll just give you the entire blueprint of how to do affiliate marketing  how to pick great products how to build out your simple sales process and how to generate leads from a variety of different sources every day and how to build trust with people uh over the internet right um and how to leverage video like i’m doing now and if you’re afraid to show your face on camera there are ways around that so and you’ll be learning about that as well in the training so

i hope that all makes sense um again better testing it’s 100 literate it’s just um i don’t know if this is the best use of your time if you have an extra one to two hours a day i don’t think you should spend it fiddling on your phone i think you should um spend it you know actually building an online business that is going to secure your future and your family’s financial future but that’s just my opinion

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