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How you can start earning money with Warrior plus affiliate marketing

now Warrior plus has thousands of high converting offers which you can promote as an affiliate in exchange for a healthy commission if you’re new to Warrior plus this page will tell you how to create an account how to find good offers how to promote those offers and get your affiliate link how to withdraw money from Mario plus and also at the end of the page

I’ll tell you some tips and tricks which are going to be perfect for beginners so first of all you can go to Warrior plus by going to warriorplus com or just type in Warrior Plus in Google and you’ll find it now when you’re on their main page of their website they’re not really too

Signed up and created your account in Warrior Plus

Clear on what the actual website is it just gives you some corporate rubbish to be honest which doesn’t really tell you anything what you want to do is sign up to their website and you can get access and get into the system so go ahead and go to free sign up and you can then sign up with free Fields all you need is an a username you need a password and you need an email address here.

so you’re going to need to confirm your email address after you enter in so just make sure it’s an email address you can access once you’ve signed up and created your account which is completely free you can log in straight away once after you’ve verified your account so I first logged on to Warrior plus and

When you first log on you’ll be taken here to what they call the dashboard

so here on the dashboard you’ve got a couple of different segments you’ve got the top products for today yesterday the last seven days and the last 30 days and if you go through these you’ll kind of see that some of these products are in the top products for today yesterday the last seven days and so on some of these products just stay in the top products because some products by some vendors just convert insanely well and we’ll get on to that in a second because I’ll talk about conversions rate and how much commission and how much crazy commission you can get with these Warrior plus products so

we’re on here the last seven days you can see this product here is the top product now if we go ahead and hover over these here you can see these have got rewards so this vendor is a top 10 vendor they’re a superstar vendor and they’ve had 33 featured offers so these are just the top products now if you go ahead and click on any of these it’s not going to take you to the warrior plus back end it will take you to like the sales page.

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where you could buy this product so if you click on it you can then check out this product so revealed the best secret weapon that’s made 8.4 million dollars and this is the sales page so you could buy this product now if you’re wanting to promote this product you can go ahead and find that later and I’ll cover that in a second so here on your dashboard you’ve got the top products you’ve got Marketplace and you just got some quick links here

What you’re going to need to do is go to affiliate

then if you go to office here we’re just going to open that in a new tab I like to do that so I can have the dashboard open and the place where I can search for offers so now on offers by default if we just scroll down you can see there are 10000 authors and if you scroll down here you’re going to be defaulted just some offers I’m not sure how they filter these to start off with and but if you scroll down you’ll see different offers here with thousands of sales still who also have rewards and awards sorry so you’ve got some information here about every single offer you’ve got the release date you’ve got the sales

you’ve got the conversion rate and the visitor value the average sale and the refund rate now there are a couple of things to bear in mind when you’re looking for a product to promote to your audience or to run a campaign now you want to First Look and

what I always look at is the refund rate now zero is obviously the best it can be one is called 3 good even six percent is okay I’ve seen some products and I’m going scroll down but they might not appear like this 18 refund rate which means people are buying it the sales page is really good but it doesn’t do

what it says at all and people are just refunding it you don’t want that you’re going to get your commissions refunded and yeah you’re not going to make any money so make sure it’s got a decent refund rate

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How much each visitor’s worth and this works on averages right

So if you get 10 people I’m going have to do some quick maths here so if you get 10 people to click on your page and you have a product here on that page for ten dollars and if one person out of those 10 people buy each visitor is worth one dollar if you get what I mean so the visitor value here is just based on averages across all of the traffic how much each visitor is worth but it is good to choose one with a high

visitor value here because the higher the visitor value the more money what the more money you’re going to make on average now going back to the dashboard if you did want to promote one of these products here what you would do is you’ll copy the name of the product then you’ll go to here
where it says author title slash keyword paste that in Click search and then you should be able to find it so here you can see here is that product here are the sales and you can then request to run this product and that leads me on to the next segment is which is

How you can get your affiliate link

you can promote the products so on each product on Warrior plus let me just refresh this you’re going to need to request approval like you can’t just get on here and promote any product so for me when I request approval right now it gets approved pretty much within 15 minutes because the vendors can see all of my previous sales they can see all of my traffic and they can see I’m not sending 400 leads but I started from zero as well and

what you need to do to get approved for some of these offers you just need to give them a general like four line find explanation of how you’re going to promote their offer for me. I basically said I have a YouTube channel with this many subscribers I plan to rank videos in YouTube search and promote your product within those videos and that was pretty much enough for me to get approved and then as soon as you get approved for one and all it takes is one and you send some sales to that offer you then have sales on your account and

you’ll be able to get approved to all of them so to do that and request it you would just find the product that you want to promote let’s say this one you click request which will open up a new window and this is going to open up the back end of that product now here you can see if you scroll down you can see the price range which is 17.63 and it goes all the way up to 197 and you can get between eight dollars and three hundred dollars in commission

Now the reason this price range is so broad is because

This product and every product pretty much on Mario plus has a funnel uh not a funnel map upsells so here is the funnel map of those upsells so first they will buy the main product and then if they buy this they’re going to be upsold another add-on and another add-on and another add-on and this is how you can get instant commissions because people often you’ll be surprised people often buy these add-ons here and they keep being upside and upside on different products and add-ons and you can see all of the products here and the commissions you’ll get on these different products at different price points

so if you go back to our overview you’ve got more stats sales visitor value conversion rate refund rate what you would do is you will go ahead and request approval if you want to obviously promote this product and then you can go into the request notes and just write four to five sentences explaining how you’re going to promote this offer once you’ve been approved you can then find it

so I’m back on affiliate offers to find your approved offers you go to show you go to approved only and then you can see here are the products I’m approved for which I can grab my link for and here it is here I can copy this link and then when someone clicks on that link it will go to the landing page so I’ll just do it now so here it is and then if someone was to buy I would then earn a commission so now

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How do you withdraw money from Warrior plus

what does that look like so if you go to Warrior plus and you can be on any page just go to your username in the top right hand corner and go to W plus wallet here what you can do is you can add a payment method now the most common payment method is Paypal but I believe you can get bank transfer as well it might ask you to add a payment method if you haven’t already but I’ve already added mine and you can see I’ve got 17 pending and zero dollars in my current balance now that’s because

when you get some sales you have to wait 30 days for them to be pending to make sure there’s no refunds before you can withdraw that money now you can withdraw the money at any time and we you can see here I have to wait 16 days for this one and 20 days for this one when those days have gone by I’ll be then able to withdraw so I can click withdraw you can see here I’ve got my PayPal account added and I can just simply withdraw funds just like that

Just some quick fire tips here to help you make more money

Number one make sure you choose a product which is actively converting choose one of the top products or choose a product from a vendor who has mastered the sales page like these products convert so well because these vendors know what they’re doing they know psychology and they know how to convert visitors into sales

Number two when you promote a product make sure it has a low refund rate otherwise you’re going to make all this money and it’s all going to get refunded and you’re not going to make any in the long run and

Third one is just be patient with it get some sales under your belt and know it can be hard but once you’ve got a couple of sales double down on that method that is working and try and 10x it so that’s been my advice for you guys.

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