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How to Make Money on Udemy

Now this page is going to be a complete step-by-step tutorial to tell you everything you need to know, including how Udemy works online and how to make money with Udemy. first you sign up okay so as you can see right here guys i am now on udemy now if you don’t already know udemy is a basically a website

Where you can sell courses

we can see right here if we literally go up to the top we can search for basically anything and there is courses on this now we can start off with the more generic things like things you would expect courses to be on uh maybe like video editing and we will be able to see there is a bunch of courses that pop up about video editing now when i tell you how much some of these courses actually make

i think you’re going to be very very surprised so for example if we pull up this one and let’s ignore this discount right here guys for some reason it’s going to give me a discount for the next 14 hours which i think it’s just because i’m a new customer so we will take into account the real prices of these courses

so for example if i open up this premiere pro course right here we can see that this course has 431 000 students now if i pull up a calculator right here and we go and take a look at this and we do 59.99 times 431 this number is going to be ridiculous we can then hit calculate and look at this 25 million dollars this course has generated now that is absolutely ridiculous right uh 20 for 25 hour course and for literally creating a 25-hour course this guy has made 25 million dollars is that so

basically a million dollars for every hour of this course

which is absolutely ridiculous now this is not really like an outlier either of course we have some much lower income courses right here like this one 84.99 84.99 times 3034.  Now this is much lower but this is but this course has still generated over 250 000 views and we can see there are a bunch of other courses right here with a ridiculous amount of views and they’re a ridiculous amount of students this one has 75 000 so this course has made well over a million dollars as well.

Now that is just the basic stuff right now that is the stuff you would expect courses to be on like video editing, logo design, like the general stuff however guys you can get really really not weird but kind of nuanced and just things that you wouldn’t expect so if I just go here and I literally type in minecraft there are going to be a bunch of courses about minecraft like develop minecraft java coding for kids, learn how to programme with minecraft, and we even have this minecraft, and

we even have this minecraft beginner’s guide. If we pull this up, we can see minecraft java coding for kids, learn how to programme with minecraft, and we even have this one right here a 9637 times  19.99 equals 192 000 for this course now we can see that there are a bunch of other courses right here and this one literally teaches you how to play Minecraft like that is the whole point behind the course it teaches you

how to play Minecraft so if you know how to play Minecraft guys

you can literally make let’s see how much this course has made. 19.99 how to play minecraft you can literally make 23 000 for creating a two-hour course i think this was a two-hour course on how to play minecraft now if that doesn’t blow your mind you can literally make that much money off just teaching people how to play minecraft this is a crazy opportunity that you are going to miss out on if you don’t see the power of this now

what we can do is we can come over to udemy right here and if you actually want to start selling courses and creating these courses on udemy all you have to do is scroll down to the bottom here where it says become an instructor and we can click start teaching today.

Publish the course you want in this way and you can always have control of your own content, so if you finish your course and think it looks nice, but then in a year’s time you think, “Okay, maybe this has changed, maybe this could do with updating,” you can go back in and literally edit your course; you don’t have to create an entire new one, and you can just add different lessons in there.

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The second reason is to inspire learners, so teach what you know and help learners explore their interests, gain new skills, and advance their careers, and then you can number three is to expand your professional network, build your expertise, and earn money
on each paid enrollment. So as it says guys, you literally earn money for everybody who’s signed up to your course, and you can also choose the price for your own course.

We even have a three-step guide to how you can begin and launch your course.

So step number one is to plan your curriculum, basically plan out the entire course, so you can start with your passion and knowledge, then choose a promising topic with the help of our marketplace insight tools, and we can then go to record your video. So use basic tools like your smartphone or DSLR camera, add a microphone, and you’re good to go. If you don’t like being on camera, just capture your screen. you don’t like being on camera, use basic tools like your smartphone or DSLR camera, add a microphone, and you’re good to record your video.

If you don’re good to record your video. your course will be discoverable in our marketplace where you earn revenue from each new paid enrollment so that is another awesome thing about udemy guys you literally don’t even have to do any marketing yourself if you don’t want now it is going to help you get your first few snip few sales not snails first few sales and get that snowball rolling if you go ahead and post this on like your instagram your twitter your youtube tell people about your course because

The more people that enrol in your course the higher up on udemy it goes

and then the more purchases you get from that so it does work like a giant snowball and the guys at the top are going to be getting the most money so if we go here and we type in whoopsie video editing we can see that this guy who showed up right at the top who made this 25 million course he is going to be getting the most sales and he is out of all of these content creators right here he is going to be still earning the most money as he is showing up right at the top so it literally is a snowball effect guys if we take a look at the newest right here these are people

who have very recently uploaded these courses and we can see one review no reviews and we have a bunch of courses right here but the longer your courses are on the more people that enrol the higher up it shows and the more money you are going to earn so as i said it’s like this snowball effect where you earn more money the longer you are on this website so all you have to do is go ahead and tap get started here they will tell you everything

you just sign up right here and you can get started with a udemy account

so like full name email address and basically you just sign up right here and you can get started with a udemy account now the funny thing is guys if you need like extra help actually setting up one of these courses like a complete step-by-step tutorial on everything you need including like how to plan this out how to set your cameras up you can literally come over to udemy and type in udemy and there is literally courses on cost creation so you pay somebody to teach you

how to create courses that people are going to pay you for yeah so if we click on this we can see learn online course creation unofficial and this is the exact same guy who created the 25 million course now this guy must be absolutely loaded right so you can literally come here and if you get this offer then you can pay 17.99 however you are most likely going to have to pay 60 dollars but literally guys if you do this all you have to do is get one sale on your course and then your course is basically paid for now do

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i recommend doing this yes if you have the money as if you as the better cost you set up the better ratings you are going to get and the more money this is going to make you so this 60 investment right here might actually end up making you thousands and thousands of dollars in the future but once again guys that is completely up to you you certainly don’t have to do this but i really think it would help especially if you want to kind of like do this full-time and

you want to make a full-time career out of creating courses on udemy now

the last thing that i want to mention is the fact that this is actually kind of crazy and you can turn this into a stream of passive income now for example  I know I keep loading up this course right here. It’s just the first thing that comes to mind with this page editing course right here. This is like 25 hours in total. Right now,

we can see that he updates this relatively frequently, but you actually don’t have to do this. For example, you could create a 25-hour course up front. Yes, that is a long amount of time to put into a project, but you could put up a 25-hour course, and then you literally do not have to touch this. You do the work

once you post this on udemy, and then you literally don’t have to touch this for yourself, and every single day people are going to be signing up for your course. So guys, that is how you can make money on udemy now if you learned something or you found it valuable in your time,

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