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Hey, welcome to our page, and if you arrived here, you’re probably looking for more information on online tutoring platform. so quickly go over

How it works for tutors and whether

I think it’s a good use of your time um so yeah a lot of these Online Tutoring Platform sites are coming up recently i guess with the pandemic people are wanting to find ways to uh learn from home and and earn money from home so just my first impressions the website looks very professional it’s up to date which is nice my pet peeve is when you know some websites aren’t up to date uh so they have a large social media presence um lots of social proof with you know trust pilot consumer affairs best in class so yeah this is a legitimate website it’s not a scam so trust me

What you’ll be doing it’s it’s mainly university level courses or subjects | Online Tutoring Platform

you’ll be tutoring but also there’s some high school and elementary but mostly university level and everything from physics to math english java so a lot of hard math and science mostly but it’s also some english in writing not not to besmirch those subjects they’re definitely real subjects but so now there’s basically a six step process to this so you’re going to apply with your work work experience and education select the subjects

you’ve mastered not just dip your toes toes in but have actually mastered and it can be multiple subjects and once approved they’ll send you students your way students can also message you directly or or or tutor me can match them to you and then you’ll begin tutoring you can leverage tutor me’s lesson space they have powerful features and tools to kind of help you with that and at the end of each lesson i kind of like this

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you’re able to rate each other so it’s a two-way street the student will rate the tutor but also the tutor will rate the student which which i like a lot of websites don’t have that feature which you know so it’s kind of a two-way street you know a lot of students that they’re being too snooty or you know expecting too much that that won’t fly here so i like that keeps the students in check

How you get paid from Online Tutoring Platform

it’s each week and tutor me handles all that and it’s done by paypal so and then uh so let me just scroll and then if you go to the help center that’ll pretty much answer any questions you have i won’t go over everything i’ll just kind of summarize it briefly the important points so the criteria for being a tutor you must have previous experience be a uni grad or currently in uni from a legitimate school and they have and if you’re outside the us or the uk just be aware your university might not be on their list of approved universities

so you’ll have to check for that but it shouldn’t be an issue so the pay is 16 an hour again paid via paypal each week you don’t have to be in the u.s or the uk you can be really any country again you just have to come from a one of the universities they’ll accept and i don’t really like this but you have to have a facebook profile you apply through facebook so i think that’s kind of silly they make you do that but it is what it is and so i’m just going to go over some of the cons of this website and and websites similar to this.

You have to kind of be the cream of the crop at your subject

and just looking through the profiles, you can tell that the tutors that actually get on this online tutoring platform website are the cream of the crop. It’s like, you know, Cornell Masters in Petroleum Engineering, Harvard Masters in Creative Writing, so that’s your competition. Just be aware of that, uh, and just be aware that it’s not consistent income, so you might get a couple hours here and a couple hours there, but it’s just whenever they need you, so you don’t even get the benefit of consistent nine to five, you don’t get that stability, and that’s not just with this website

but with all these online tutoring platform websites, and uh, thirdly, 16 an hour that’s really bad. that’s uh that’s really bad that doesn’t even include preparation time so if you think about it i mean even if you’re well organized you’re gonna have to prepare so so it probably works out to more like twelve dollars an hour yeah i don’t like that and i lastly i could not find any testimonials from tutors online i found plenty of testimonials from students but not tutors

which is what you care about so it’s not that this is a scam it’s just i’m just kind of trying to bring the reality home to you what this is actually going to be like um okay so who is this website for okay if you’re a uni student and you just want to get some experience on your resume although

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This website does require previous experience

anyway so or maybe you just you just want to make some pizza money of your money as they call it uh not enough to live on but just uh you know a few dollars here a few dollars there then yeah go ahead and apply and and if you’re the cream of the crop your subject but if you’re qualified enough to get accepted onto this website i think there are better ways you could be spending your time and generating real income for yourself so now look maybe you’re here you’re not necessarily sold on tutor me or tutoring in general these sort of websites you’re just here because you want to make money online you understand the internet’s a powerful tool it’s here to stay, and

you want a piece of that internet pie well i was in your possession a little over a year ago i tried all sorts of business models everything from blogging freelancing i even tried domain flipping complete waste of time just silly gimmicky stuff like that i tried websites like this i couldn’t i could never get a job and and so i was just like oh no what do i do and then i stumbled across this business model and this is the only business model i recommend uh for beginners it’s called affiliate marketing

So what that is it’s just you’re promoting digital products in exchange for a commission and it can be in any niche i’ll get to this diagram in a second so any niche so maybe you’re into weight loss you’re into fitness or gardening or dog training maybe languages i’m sure there’s even products out there for you know teaching math and physics but in any case it doesn’t matter

What niche you go into there’s you can definitely make money in any niche

So you’re promoting other appeals products in exchange for a commission so that’s how it works it’s uh so you’re gonna pick a good product um you’re gonna find a group of people who would be interested in that product and you’re going to kind of marry the two together and that’s how this works so that’s kind of a 30 000 foot view and and so you might be wondering why why affiliate marketing you know i’ve heard people promoting you know  e-commerce drop shipping amazon fba blogging well here are just five reasons so affiliate marketing so

first it’s very simple there aren’t too many moving parts if you have the right training it can be very simple if you don’t it can be very confusing and complicated uh it’s it’s mostly automated it does take a while to get things set up but once you do it could be like eighty percent automated so whether you wanna you know go hiking for the day you know spend time with your family you know try other business ventures you can do that and still be generating consistent incomes

The profit margins around 50 to 80 percent which is actually very very high even freelancing only has like 30 profit margins i didn’t know that until recently but so very high profit margins higher than any other business model i’m aware of uh it’s the one business model you can truly be a solopreneur so you just be one guy or woman on a laptop making you know upwards of you know three thousand a month five thousand a month ten thousand a month potentially 20 and you know 30 000 a month.

learn the fundamentals of internet marketing. What do I mean by that?

Well, if you wanted to go into business for yourself, any business, I don’t care what it is, you want to sell your own courses, sell your own consulting services. your own tutoring services maybe eventually there’s a big problem with that you could have the best service or product in the world but if you don’t know how to market it and what do i mean by that get getting a consistent flow of fresh leads into your business every day
if you can’t do that your business is good as dead because leads are the you know lifeblood of any business

so and that’s truer than ever in this digital age so it’s gonna force you to learn the fundamentals of marketing so once you learn to sell other people’s products then you can then go on uh to sell your own stuff if you would like to but i would start here start by selling other people’s products because it’s just the simplest.

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