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TaskBucks can perform microtasks through a mobile app and receive credits that can be exchanged for cash or a mobile phone recharge. Users can be reviewed, digital and physical tasks can be uploaded, and businesses can pay after completion. offers a mobile app that lets users get free mobile recharges for recommending and installing apps. November 2015 raised $15 million from Times Internet.

Task Bucks Free Wallet Cash

On first consideration, you might think that there are a lot of spam and fake applications promising free recharges and that this task is a complete waste of time. This should come as no surprise, but if you give it some thought and give the app a shot, you will see that TaskBucks makes it a truly rewarding task.
Trust me when I say that we are sharing this simply because it is authentic and one-of-a-kind. Even so, downloading and using the app is worthwhile. Give it a chance to show that all apps in this category are real and change peoples minds. Simply read the entire article to obtain all of the relevant details.
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Earn free recharge

One of the best Android apps that lets you get free data and mobile phone recharges is TaskBucks. You can use it to complete straightforward tasks on your smartphone and turn your smartphone into real money in Indian rupees.
The rewards you get for finishing the task can be used to pay your bills and recharge your mobile phone. Additionally, the ability to transfer cash rewards to a Paytm account is the most appealing feature.

Earn money from tasks

This app gives you tasks like downloading taskbucks app, for which you will get a lot of money, completing a survey, or exploring the applications. It gives you tasks and claims money against them, but not for every task at once.
Task Bucks provides two types of tasks. Green Book Task is the initial one; in which it takes money just by downloading the app in one step. The Orange Book Task is another one; in which it assigns tasks to complete the registration, use the app, and keep applications for a specified amount of time that it suggests. Then it gives a reward for each step.

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