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How to apply for an ESL Tutor Position at Amazingtalker

I’m to share you  Online tutor jobs an ESL job that I’ve applied online so this ESL company is amazingtalker so I’ve applied amazingtalker three days ago and then I’ve waited for I think six days from you know the status of my application and then I’m glad that I received an email coming from them so it says here your teacher application has been approved so I’m really thankful that they’ve responded already so yes so I’m very grateful and thankful for this kind of opportunity so yeah it says here uh congratulations so your application has been approved

Next we might arrange an interview for you please prepare a 25 minute demo class after you pass the interview you can become an official teacher an amazing talker show this one so you have to read interview rules so of course guys if you want to apply this ESL job or let’s say ESO company so you have to apply it through their site so don’t worry guys

Apply Online tutor job

I will provide you the link when you can apply as I mean how to become a tutor if you’re an amazing talker so okay so I will type the site so you can search Amazing talker on Google so you have to click apply to teach right after that one you’ll you’ll be redirected to your site so this is mine this is my dashboard actually so all you have to do here is you have to apply you have to click on become a tutor so right after that one okay I kind of log out my account guys so I will just send you the link instead on how to apply for a tutor position here in amazing soccer so In one is actually my dashboard so I’ve got another email here it says this is my application status update

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This one is coming from array so it says here this is great customer service representative for amazing talker  I’m more than happy to help you or verify your application already if you check then so here it says you could enter the second stage demo lesson after the three stage teacher obligation process will be officially an online tutor so you can refer to the following guidelines to know what are the steps you need to complete so this one guys you have to click on this link so you have to follow the guidelines and steps for you to become a tutor. you’re an amazing talker

Complete onboarding tasks After passing the Interview

So one guys um in my part I haven’t had my interview in demo it’s because I’m already I don’t know if I’m already overqualified for this but yeah very thankful that I have to answer the five questions so there’s a five questions you know so I already answered the quiz so it says congrats you have passed away please sorry so right after I’m going to click submit and get free online teaching materials references now and don’t forget to complete the following onboardingcast on your dashboard

Get online teaching materials for your reference here  So then if you’re going to click this one has the operation manual, so here are some of the things that you need to know about. How do I reschedule a lesson with a student? the new teacher start the first lesson? How i change the subject I teach in other related information? and set my course printing How to use Chat Boot to connect students how do I translate my teacher’s profile to other language

So all of the information given are already here so you just have to read it or read each one of them and be familiar with it so in my case that’s really my first time to avoid this ESL site this will give you a certificate that you can use to attract more students

Upload Profile Photo Requirements

I’ll need to I have to read I’ll have to read all of these next year so yes so this one I’m glad that I don’t have a demo and an interview with the one of the HR this company so I’m going to click submit then so what’s going on okay so here it is so you have to upload a photo with your face clearly visible so it will help you attract more students so of course guys if you already passed the I mean you pass everything so you have to upload an image of at least 800 pixels 800 by 800 yes so of course you have to follow all of these here you have to make it clear of course you’re smiling I level shop face of course you have bright lighting yes

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You have to have your plane background sixty percent of the picture is face oh yeah so that’s what you call it maybe you’re just going to zoom your face or have a good professional looking photo so right after that one guys you can you can just save it once you’re done upload and save it and you just have to fill in all the necessary information and you’re going to click and save okay so just follow all the steps so right after you’re going to right after you save it

Sign Up and Application Approval

so first right after you SignUp and right after you you filled out all the necessary information so you will then proceed to demo class but you know guys you have to wait at least 24 hours for them to approve your application so right after you filled out all the information there so you have to wait for it 24 that’s 24 hours yes and then right after that you’re going to have your demo class in my part I doubted it I really don’t know why maybe I’m here maybe I’m overqualified but I really don’t know why I don’t have my demo class it’s because of maybe the tesla that

I have so I’m actually a I’m actually a a tassel and tell Story by no need for me too maybe no need for me to have my demo class but as you guys know you have to maybe you have to enrol for each test certified class a Tesla hotel for you to have that kind of certificate you just have to enrol so I think there is I mean I think there’s I mean there are some sites when they offer free successful certificates so you better have to research on that thing so right after that guyso

Onboarding and Application

You’re going to have your onboarding Then so in my part so I’m I mean I already have my onboarding so yeah you just have to read everything we have to explore everything what’s in here it’s just my first time to apply this ESL company amazing talker so yeah so I think this one is a really good ESL company because you know it offers a huge salary especially for UB teachers who like to have a uh many of force money is everything right so you guys I recommend this site so you have to apply if you wish to become a tutor so right after that guys

Earn money and Share Your Knowledge as an Online Tutor with Amazing talker

I know that you can you can become one of the online tutor here an amazing talker Let’s hope for the best and I do hope as well that I can start teaching right away so that’s it guys so if you want to apply here so don’t you worry I will provide a link so I hope that you find it useful for you to have this type of job especially if you’re working at home and if you don’t have a job as of the moment so of course this one is your side hustle to start with so to those people who who don’t have who doesn’t have a job for the meantime

You just have to start your career as an online tutor you’re an amazing talker so I bet you guys if you want to to you know have a I mean if you want to earn a lot of money then yeah start doing it right away so that’s all for now I hope that you learned something a lot from this article So see you on my next page

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