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How to make money with 99 designs for beginners in 2023

Hey guys, what’s up in this tutorial? 99designs  I will teach you various ways that you can turn this site and its features and services into a source of passive income, and I’ll explain everything you. Once you have learned this tutorial all the way through, you will notice that this is actually a simple shelling piece, so with that being said, leave a like and let’s jump into this.

There are actually three different ways you can make money with 99Designs.

How they work and their pros and cons just in a second. Before we get to that though, let me outline real quick what this side is and what it has been designed for. Okay, so 99Designs is a platform that gives you the chance to order customised graphic designs like t-shirt designs for your print on demand business. This is how it works. You have an idea for a graphic design, but you don’t consider yourself either talented nor experienced in graphic designing, and you have no clue at all how to operate software like Photoshop or Illustrator for instance.

So what can you do to make your design idea a reality? Well, you can contact 99designs and ask them to create your customised graphic design for you. Start by telling them what exactly you would like to have designed; it only takes a minute, and they accept super simple as well as crazy complex projects. They will pass that order over to one of their professional designers and they will create your graphic design. Our professional designers can create logos, branding, websites, packaging, and more, so that’s how this service works. Now,


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How can you profit from that service?

well let me elaborate all right so the first and the most obvious option would be to use this platform’s graphic designing services for your own commercial projects and businesses you can order graphic designs for your online business for example your print on demand shop you have on Etsy Redbubble or Amazon or find the perfect designer to hire and to work with you together you can hire a freelancing designer to create logo designs for you web page designs postcards illustrations book covers t-shirt designs designs for your merch store for Marks pillows and

so on and so forth you can even ask your designer to create 3D designs you can tokenize and turn into nft art if you’re into trading and flipping and if decent openc for instance what you ask your designer to create for you is totally up to you he or she will be creating and customising designs for you and and you will have the freedom to use these designs for your online projects personal or commercial

naturally ordering customised designs wouldn’t be free of charge, either. Ordering a package of, say, 30 design concepts made by their graphic designers would cost 300 bucks. 60 Concepts, 500, and so on and so forth. So this option is only for individuals who already have a business running and who are willing to invest in it. Luckily though, there are ways you can make money through this site without investing a single penny into anything. So

Another option would be to simply become a freelancing graphic designer yourself here on 99 Designs

and to offer your services as a designer to clients like they do on platforms such as Fiverr or Upwork for example. Start your freelance career, design will handle the rest, do what you love, and get paid for it on 99Designs. Find awesome clients and become a part of our global community of talented designers, all in a safe, secure workspace, which sounds pretty nice. I’d say one of the greatest benefits of working as a freelancing graphic designer is the freedom to set your own work schedule. You become your own boss and you decide on what to work when and where to work. If you like, you can even work entirely from the comfort of your own home. Moving on to the next question,

How much can you expect to make as a freelance graphic designer?

Euro 99 designs Well, that depends on the assignment you will be given by your client. Naturally, there are no fixed prices or rates according to 99Designs. platform is 100 percent free however keep in mind that they charge fees: a so-called introduction fee spread out over the client’s first 500 charges to cover their costs of matching you with clients and the second platform fee on every project to provide you with support secure payment fraud protection and more note that the higher your level as a freelancing designer here on 99designs

the smaller the platform piece you’ll have to pay 15 on entry level, 10 as a freelancer on mid-level, and the lowest fee of 5 on top level. Once you have signed up on the site as a freelancer you will be given the choice to either work directly with your client and get hired by businesses and individuals with a one-to-one project or to compete with other freelancers and get hired by businesses and individuals with a one-to-one project or to compete with other freelancing designers from the community and submit your design to the a design contest and earn big bucks

if you choose to either work directly with your clients

or to if you work directly with your clients you’ll most likely not be making as much money as through these design contests on the other hand though you will have the freedom to set your very own prices and get paid up front you will not have to wait and hope to become the winner of any contest you will be met with your client you will be given your assignment and you will get paid your money up front on the other hand participating in this design contests can turn out to be quite beneficial for your freelance career

as well by participating in them and by winning them you allow yourself not only to build up your own professional design portfolio you will also be able to build your own client base your reputation will increase and as a result of that more potential customers will be interested in hiring you for a higher price your portfolio will be on display here on 99designs  More customers will see your artwork and want to work with you if they find it interesting, so all in all, I’d say both ways have a lot of benefits. You can test both and see which one works better for you.

How can you create customised designs for your clients?

If you know how to operate software like Photoshop or Illustrator, that’s great. Make use of that and show your skills. For those of you who don’t, you can always use free designing tools like Canva or Kittle for instance to create really beautiful and eye-catchy designs and all kinds of categories for your clients with very little effort. Last, you can maximise your earnings by simply promoting 99 designs to as many potential customers and users online as possible. when you refer new customers to 99 designs

and this is how it works you sign up as an affiliate and you fill out a short online application form to get started you get approved and you start sending traffic to 99designs using your own link you will be given once you have can accept that as an affiliate and lastly you get paid a commission whenever a new customer you refer launches a contest or a project you will begin with the lowest commission rate of 50 bucks for every new contest customer you refer once you have brought in more than 25 sales you will be levelled up and start earning 75 dollars per commission and even 100 in affiliate commission

once you have become a brand partner

with more than 100 sales on your balance and as a cherry on top you will be benefiting from a 60-day cookie duration this extra long cookie duration will allow you to collect your sale even weeks after you referral to visit on 99designs through your link so even if your referral doesn’t make the purchase the same day he or she clicks on your link but instead places an order days or even Weeks Later within a time frame of 60 days you will get paid a commission for that sale which is a pretty cool feature  I’d say, “So yeah, that’s a nice, simple, and convenient way how you can maximise your earnings here on 99 designs without actually creating any graphic designs yourself.”

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