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Today I’m going to tell you about a super low-competition freelance platform where you can start working just after reading this page and you can start making money even from the first week or first month itself. In all the things that I did in order to start making money quickly, the Servicescape platform

Servicescape as a low-competition and high-paying freelance platform

I’m telling you about a website that has super low competition, is very high paying, and offers a high money-making opportunity. This is the website that you can use just like any other freelance platform like fiverr or upwork but if Fiverr has 100 people, this website has only one person. That is the difference in the level of competition on this particular website. I am going to tell you many things, tools, and tricks that will help you start making money with this website.

Become an editor.

There are plenty of simple transcription jobs available. To start, you can engage in writing tasks that do not require expertise in writing or the English language. I will provide you with free tools to assist you. Many individuals are already earning thousands of dollars by following this approach. For instance, on this site, there is an example of a person who has written over 220 pages and charges $150 per page. By simply multiplying 220 pages by $150, you can see that this person has earned $33,000. Additionally, you can observe that the person and her company have received over 5,000 reviews for the writing projects they completed collectively.

If we calculate the value of 5,000 reviews, considering that a purchase is required to leave a review, the total would be $750,000. Collectively, these individuals have earned a substantial amount for their tasks. You can achieve the same level of success, as this website platform offers high-paying opportunities with low competition.

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Signup on Servicescape

You can start working as a new person now just after reading this page. You can start working with them by first signing up as a freelancer, so just click over on become a professional. Now there are a few things in the account setting up that you can say as a tip or a trick that I have been using to get sales, so you can just click over here on writing. Now it is very important, so listen carefully. These are basic information. first name, last name, you can write a password, an email address, and all of these things are not that big of an issue for the payment method I use, PayPal.

Paypal will be the easiest for you; it is super simple for the description. I will recommend that you go to other people and see how they have written the description. If you just come over here, let me help you create the perfect material to express your ideas with clarity and effectiveness. So this way, you can just take two lines from this particular person’s description, go back, and take two lines from another person’s description. You can just let’s see over here, just take two lines from this particular person’s description, and

Now you can mix and match and write your own descriptions for the credentials here. You can see the credentials, and you need to write some big things that will increase the trustworthiness of your account.

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Tips on Setting Up an Account for Freelance Writing Jobs

You can write about yourself and include your qualifications in the credentials section. Write about being an expert in finance, sociology, or any other significant credentials. It is important to have two to three substantial credentials. Here’s a helpful trick: Create three accounts for the writing job. In one account, specify English as the main language and fill out the rest of the details accordingly.

In the other two accounts, I also chose German as one of the languages, and in the other account, I chose French as the language. There are two things that this will do: firstly, it will help you rank for different languages if somebody’s searching for that particular language, and if you get the work in that particular language, you can simply use Google Translate in order to do the work in the past month.

I have been able to get two jobs in different languages. I did one of them in German, and the other in French was a bit too technical for me, so I just left that.

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List as many general areas of expertise as possible.

So you can just have the option of choosing if you want to do it or not. Then, with expertise, you can write as many things as possible, big general things like banking is a general thing, business plan is a general thing, don’t write super specific things for which nobody’s searching, and a lot of people are searching for web content as well, so you can see web content over here. e-commerce business, so from the web content, select a majority of the things that reference recreational. After that, here is a very small security check that you’re not a robot. Just add the number of cards, and these are numbers, and you can just write the answer. After that, you can just select all of these things and

As I said, you need to be careful because Servicescape will obviously try to review your application, and there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. I tried to create five accounts, and in two of them, they started asking me about my credentials, so in the next account that I made, I removed one of those credentials.

I hope you are getting the idea. So create an account. If they start asking too many things about your credit credentials, leave that account. In the fresh account, try to remove that credential, and this way, the application process can run smoothly. Once you do that, it will take a few tries, and you will get accepted. Don’t worry.

Per page rate

Once they approve your account, they will request your per-page rate. You can simply select a rate of 40 to 50 and undercut the competition. While others are charging 100 to 150, you can charge 20, 30, or 40 to attract initial orders. Now, let’s discuss how you will receive those orders. Don’t worry; I will address that as well.

Use AI tools.

Once you start receiving the addresses on how to complete them, here is an AI tool called Write Sonic that can assist you with the work. It is a free tool for a limited time, so you can create multiple accounts to use it repeatedly. With the free account, you can easily complete five to six jobs, which is more than enough to earn a significant amount of money. To get started, click on the “Sign In” button, create your free account, and then click on “AI Writer 3.0.” You can also search for it if you don’t find it on the first page by searching for “article writer.” After that, you can select the desired quality of the article, such as premium quality or good quality.

I recommend selecting premium quality, as doing better work increases your chances of receiving positive reviews. It is important to note that nothing can surpass the value of good-quality work. This tool will handle 99% of the work, but now your task is not just to copy and paste the article for the client. Read through the article and make any necessary changes. For the topic, you can write what the client has provided. Click on “Generate Ideas” and you will have numerous options on which direction you want the article to take, such as “How to lose weight: simple steps to shed excess weight” or “Seven-day cleanse.”

Selecting and Discussing Your Topic

Let’s assume we choose this topic. They have generated the intros, so you can select the one you prefer. Then, they will provide you with various options for the outlines of the topics that the article will cover. Finally, you will be presented with the different choices for the article itself.

You have plenty of options. So read through them and determine which one suits the client best and is even better. Once you identify the suitable articles, use them as a basis and make further modifications to enhance them for the client.

You can also make the articles yourself. All the information is available on Google; everybody takes information from Google. Your job is just to, let’s say, use the spin bot in order to just change the wording of a few articles. You can also use Grammarly to check the grammar of the article that you have written, so whichever method you want to use, you can do that now that you have understood. How to make the articles and how to set up your account

Order to get more clients

  • I first explored numerous pinging websites that you can utilize. Pinging websites essentially aids in boosting the authority of your URL in the eyes of both websites and Google. This technique can be employed to improve the rankings of your various websites. In my case, I utilized my own account. All you have to do is search for pinging websites and visit specific articles, where you will find a plethora of options. You will come across an extensive list of different pinging websites that you can use. Simply enter your URL and submit it through mass ping, and numerous websites will provide backlinks to your site.

By doing this, you can create a good authority ranking for your specific URL. Then, I created a LinkedIn account that offers numerous job opportunities. If you go to LinkedIn and create an account, you will have the option to explore various job listings.

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Good reviews get more orders.

  • “The main differentiating factor is the number of reviews you receive. The more reviews you receive, the faster your reviews will improve, and the higher your ranking will be. To achieve this, you can create another account and place an order on your freelance account. Of course, you will need to pay for the service using your other account, regardless of whether it’s 60, 70, or 80 units. In return, you can provide a positive review for your freelance account.”

But the website Servicescape is a terrific, super low-competition website where you can yourself organically get a lot of clients and reviews if you follow the things I have told you, and you can start getting clients because the competition is very low and the money-making potential is very high along with this.

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