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Coursera Develop and offer career training and online degrees of the highest quality to students all over the world.

Coursera’s instructor Focus

Students receive instruction from a tutor, who also helps them study various subjects at various levels. They enhance an individual’s learning and development by employing a variety of strategies, methods, and abilities. Additionally, they assist students in preparing for entrance requirements, exams, and qualifications.
Tutors can work directly from their homes or at students’ homes. They might also travel to other places to offer their services, like centers, schools, and public places like cafes and libraries. Tutors can work with students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, including elementary, secondary, and sixth-grade students, college and university students, adult learners, and students with SEND.
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Learn by doing

Regardless of where you are in your web based showing venture, Coursera has the apparatuses, assets and stage you really want to accomplish your objectives.
Tutoring sessions will be planned, students’ work will be evaluated, students’ progress will be monitored, constructive feedback will be provided, and tutors will report back. Additionally, the position requires the completion of administrative tasks like assignment marking and progress reports.
The primary goal of a tutor is to assist each student in meeting their individual needs and realizing their full potential. They also help students improve their study habits and boost their self-confidence, which is an important role they play.

Instructor on Coursera

You must create a course, upload it to the website, and then submit it for approval in order to become a Coursera instructor. Video lessons are strongly encouraged, and courses must be at least 25 pages (or 10,000 words) long.
As a Coursera instructor, you keep ownership rights to all of your content and receive 40% of course sales.


Maintaining a professional tutoring service at all times is one of a tutor’s many duties.
 assisting students in their learning and improving their study habits.
 scheduling and organizing classes for instruction.
 managing online forums, conducting video tutoring sessions, and setting up audio and video conferencing
 providing instruction based on a student’s needs, abilities, and levels.
 using a variety of tools, materials, and methods to make learning easier and grow faster.
 Discuss any obstacles to learning with students and their parents (if necessary).
 Preparing for tutoring sessions and planning.
 maintaining current knowledge of the curriculum, qualification frameworks, and syllabuses that are relevant to the provided instruction.
 assisting students in preparing for tests and exams.
 giving students’ work constructive feedback and marking it up.
 producing reports and keeping track of the students’ progress.
 complying with tutoring standards, policies, and procedures, as well as legislation (such as safeguarding and health and safety).
 managing insurance, financial matters, and other business requirements (if self-employed).
 ensuring the safety of accurate records, such as student data.
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