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How to Make Money on Coursera course

How to make money with coursera and how complete beginners

Coursera is earning a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day with no experience more with that after the intro there was a 62 year old woman that went from zero to $ 160 grand profit in 90 days, so here’s an interesting thought experiment imagine you going to college course and you loving this college so much you love you know the parties you love all the people you met you love you know the curriculum you love the alumni you love everything about the college so much

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The College Analogy

so that you literally recommend you know this college to go to your family and have their you know kids go to the same college now imagine every single time you recommended a college which you know for example tuition is like $ 30,000- $ 50,000 a year that every single time you recommended someone to go to that college you would get $ 45 to $ 50 of whatever the tuition is so imagine what that is like i remember when i got started in college i was supposed to be a dentist right

someone recommended me to go to this college for dentistry and little did i know i had to spend $40 to $60 grand a year money did that i didn’t have but imagine if the person that recommended me you know this dental school for me to go to would get $ 50 of my tuition right so i’m essentially paying the college $40 to $60 grand and someone that recommended me to go to that college would get paid for example you know $20 to $30,000 grand profit every single year

just by recommending you know this curriculum right now i know that sounds insane like that’s so insane mike that would be like such a great opportunity i wish i could get that opportunity but that’s literally what people are doing online with online courses that they don’t even have to create and that’s kind of like what we’re moving into you know the market. Read

The E-Learning Market

for example e-learning is growing like crazy and you could see for example from some of the platforms that we do with e-learning you could see that in the past 30 days alone we have netted about $ 54,000 net  so it’s almost like i literally recommended like for example a college education to someone and then they go and got a tuition and then i would get like a percentage of that so you could see that you could literally do the exact same thing for example with coursera because with coursera you can literally as a platform build skills with courses certifications and degrees online from world-class universities and companies and

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you can see you know they’ve collaborated with illinois duke google you can see right here michigan ibm college of london stanford and penn university and you can see that you can learn the latest skills get ready for a career earn a degree and up skill your organisation but here’s the craziest thing about this right look at this 87 percent of people learning for professional development

And you can see that all of these places it’s like world class learning for anyone anywhere from some of the top professors in the world right but the craziest thing what not a lot of people know about is they have an affiliate programme  What is an affiliate programme? it’s exactly what i just talked in this weird scenario uh in the beginning right whenever you recommend somebody to this platform to go ahead

The Affiliate Program

Take a course from a university you know you literally get up to 45% commission on 4,000 plus courses and special agents so that’s literally what it was like imagine every single time someone was like hey you should become a dentist and someone became a dentist that person got half of their tuition as a commission that’s literally the world we’re moving into because e-learning is taking up so much like there’s so many people that are like why am i actually learning out of a college textbook and spending all this money when this book is outdated and my professor

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Doesn’t really know what he’s talking about but yet the world evolves every single second right so a lot of people are moving to the online space and you can literally capitalise on that for free by just literally earning upwards to 45 commission on eligible purchases from users on coursera and you could actually track which courses do the best so you could see that you could literally get started very fast and for free for which products can i receive you know a commission you know

you can see currently our baseline offers commissions for valid purchases can i earn commissions from eligible purchases of an individual who is ready right already registered yes can i earn commissions multiple times from a single user yes if the user enrols on a monthly subscription does it result in reoccurring payout no we’ll only view commissions of first month’s transaction and if a user clicks on a course link for a course and ends up purchasing a different course does that result in a commission payout  Yes, so you’re probably wondering, “Okay, well,

How would I go get started with this?

Well, as you can see, you’ve got to ask yourself, “Well, what are people searching for in terms of what they want to learn?” So, as an example, I recognise people want to examine e-trade, so I literally constructed a website wherein, you realize, on my blog, there’s literally plenty of people that are searching for things that have a problem go to my blog and, for example, type in certain problems that they have, and I literally write the solutions to the problems, like how to find manufacturers. how to minimise Alibaba’s shipping cost, a step-by-step guide to becoming a reseller,

and all of these things are wrapped around products that I did not have to create but would get 45 to 50 percent commission on, it’s very simple all i literally do is ask myself okay for the product that i’m promoting

What are people searching for in terms of what they want to learn?

What is the problem that this is solving that’s the exact same thing for the course that people are searching for what is the problem that they’re searching for what is it that they want to go and learn right so for example if i wanted to learn how to become for example like a coder or a google data analytics person right i can literally go and type something in for example on a search engine and type in like how to become a google data scientist like look at this how to become a do a data analyst at google

I can literally start creating content or blog articles on you know my website or on my youtube channel and attract people online to a piece of content where essentially it promotes you know a coursera you know course and the thing about that is you get a literally partner with all these companies and universities that also partner with coursera and leverage the fact that hey you know with everything that’s weird going on and you know with all like the restrictions and what happened with lockdown and quarantine you could just take these classes online and people are like who i could take these classes online and get certified right

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How to make money by recommending online courses

So you can see why that’s such a big deal right now because you can literally partner with coursera and earn a degree from a leading university in business computer science and more so it’s the exact same thing you know start creating content about the things that you’re learning start creating websites about things that you’re learning you can even use pinterest and you can see we get about a hundred and ten thousand monthly views to my pinterest account and all we do is we create like these really ugly pins sending them to our website you see 177 clicks for free and all we use is a free service called canva

Where we literally create like these really ugly pins for pinterest for free right and we just link them to certain blog articles and we send them that way and that’s exactly how you know we started generating really good money on the side uh just by recommending you know courses and products that i did not have to create myself and i did not have to be the expert and that’s the beauty about this you don’t have to be an expert you don’t have to create you

Know for example your own college you can literally teach people and get people to earn a degree by literally recommending courses that you don’t have to create it’s like exactly the scenario that i talked about earlier on just imagine every time you recommended something you got a commission off of it right that’s literally what we’re moving to because in the back in the day we would wear brands remember that like abercrombie fitch hollister those were like the popular ones

Capitalizing on Recommendation in the Online Space

When i was like younger and everyone would see those you know t-shirts and we’re literally wearing their brandings as if we’re just one big billboard or advertisement for these companies for free you never got paid to wear advertisements on your chest right so we recommend things every single day why not get paid for it by recommending things that

You’re already naturally learning about but instead you get paid for it in a way that is scalable like with the online space and that’s where everything is moving into that’s where business is moving into that’s where universities are moving into you can see that this is a trend on

What’s going on right now just because you know a lot of colleges now are offering their courses online so why not at least get a piece of the pie by doing this method right here and you can literally do this like i said

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