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Guru freelancer , Hey guys it means money here and in this post we are revealing how this user right here generated over 250 000 last year making use of Guru freelancer and i’m going tell you how you can use the same website and get five or six figures yourselves so let’s give it a shot first and foremost i’m fairly confident that you guys are familiar with the way fiverr works before you exit this post thinking

About guru freelancer jobs

guru is just another website just like fiverr let me tell you something it couldn’t be any further from the truth now truth be told guru is indeed a website that allows freelancers to capitalise on their skills and get paid for their services online without working a nine-to-five which is just a great earning opportunity on its own but you see unlike fiverr where you would have to list your gig and then wait for people to discover you when it comes to guru

you’ve got the advantage that you can actually apply for projects and wait for the client to accept you which gives you a lot of leverage instead of just waiting around and playing that waiting game for several months without keeping any clients when it comes to guru you can literally apply for that job and if you’re qualified for it you’re gonna get that job it doesn’t get any easier than that and there is one more significant difference you see when it comes to fiverr  it usually gets a total number of roughly 50 million visits on a monthly basis while guru only gets roughly 1 million visits

now at first that might seem like a small drawback right because you don’t get as many clients you don’t get as many customers and so you don’t get as much cash but that is not true you see when it comes to guru the huge advantage you’ve got is that this is not overcrowded by other freelancers meaning that the market is not as saturated as it is on fiverr and standing up from the crowd as a freelancer

Guru freelancer is much easier building a reputation for yourself as a freelancer

and getting all of these really high reviews is the best thing you can do that’s going to promote you even further so that more and more people can see your gigs and start paying you for your services right because this is the end goal and keeping in mind the fact that this platform alone has paid over 250 million dollars to their freelancers there’s a lot of cash on the table now if we actually dive a little bit deeper and take a look at the highest paid freelancers on their platform

we’re going notice right away most of these are agencies actually and not individual freelancers as you can see the first one of them is called scopic and this is an entire company and as you can see the second one is an agency as well and so on and so forth now of course having a freelancing agency gives you a lot of leverage because you can outsource the work you can just get the client to cooperate with you and pay you for the services and then you can get somebody in your team to do the job and at the same time you can complete another project that saves you time gives you options and increases your profits exponentially in the long run and

so in my opinion building an e3 team or perhaps an entire freelancing agency is the end goal here if you really want to aim high that is what you’re aiming for however we’ve got some individual freelancers here as well such as this user who generated over 280 thousand dollars last year here’s another one over two hundred thousand now you get the point you can keep browsing this list

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if you want do some more research but this our focuses on the earning opportunities instead

so let me tell you a proven to work strategy you can actually start working as a freelancer on guru   Even if you don’t have a skill, there is actually such a thing, and I’m about to walk you through the entire process one step at a time if you have a little bit of patience. Now let’s imagine the following scenario: Let’s just say I’ve got some really damaged, torn-out old photos from my family collection, and I want to restore those pictures and bring them back to the present. What can I do? Well,

I can either reach out to an expert in this field of activity who’s going to charge me a lot of cash for restoring that physical item, so the physical pictures, or I can reach out to a freelancer who’s going to digitally enhance those pictures and bring me the copy in a few hours. Let me show you guys something really interesting: if I type in “Restore Pictures” in the Fiver search tab and hit Enter, here’s what happens when I type in “Restore Pictures” in the 193 services are available, which is not a lot, but this is still significant. If we compare that to photo editing, for instance,

you’re going to see a major difference

with 32,000 services compared to only 190. So that is a significant difference, which means that this opportunity right here is a real one, but regardless of that, if I do the same thing on, here’s what happens: Let me just search for “restoring pictures” and then hit enter. Only five results appear, literally only five other guys who are able to perform this kind of service, and this guy right here doesn’t even have a photo for their gig. Just take a look at the results just by listing your gig on Guru.

You’re going to be among the first freelancers to perform this kind of service, and this is a great opportunity because that’s how you start getting clients and you start building a reputation, and then you can just expand on other platforms as well because you’ve got some previous results to show to your clients, and that is more important than you might think. Now, how are we actually going to restore these pictures after all,

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we don’t have any significant photo editing skills, and on top of that, you might even argue that you don’t have the time to spend learning that skill, so how can we do this in the least amount of time Let’s just use this gig

As an example for simple work

one user has just turned this damaged old photo into a great one by enhancing it digitally. Now, chances are they actually know what they are doing right and are taking the time to manually enhance the picture and alter the colors. There’s a lot that goes into creating this sort of final result, but here’s the thing: there is actually a tool out there that allows you to do a very similar thing with very similar results automatically without any manual work and without any active involvement from your end,

which basically means you’re doing this whole thing on autopilot. All you have to do is connect to Hotpot. ai  slash restore picture but guys i don’t want to be mean right but if you take a look at the presentation picture on you’re going notice it is the exact same one that this guru freelancer right here is using as their gig cover and all you goto do is upload your picture so let us actually find an old damaged picture upload it and see whether or not this tool actually works

let’s try it out right now and let’s use one of these for example this one is just perfect i’m going save it onto my device and use it now you also have this option right here that you can toggle on

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whether or not this tool actually works

let’s try it out right now and let’s use one of these for example this one is just perfect i’m going save it onto my device and use it now you also have this option right here that you can toggle on In case it has a scratch and hours does have a scratch So let’s toggle that and click on the restore button it may take 30 to 90 seconds but that’s significantly lower than what it would take us to do it manually and here’s the final result just take a look at the difference now don’t get me wrong this is not perfect and

there is a lot more than could be done by enhancing the colours and the contrast and so on and so forth maybe even colourizing this picture

we can take it one step further and use some other automated tools to get the final result

Let me tell you can literally connect to a website such as slash colourize photo and upload your picture and now before you know it the image is colourized again this is not perfect but if we take a side by side look at the old version and the new one there’s a significant difference and we can actually use this as our gig you can literally head over to which by the way is another free tool that you can use click on the upload icon right here and upload your media

then you want to have the old picture on the left hand side let’s make sure that fits on the page and then the final version on the right hand side you can also find the background that fits and add some additional elements on top of that such as an arrow that would be good and if you want to take it one step further you can also add some text something along the lines of one hour delivery because remember that’s only going take us a few seconds to complete you know guys

I genuinely think there are ways you can improve the quality of that final picture even further

and get it to look even more realistic but here’s the thing about it it only took us one minute to get from that left version to the right version and this freelancer on fiverr is literally charging five dollars or so for the same exact service  chances are they are doing it manually and so wasting a lot of time in the process we can do virtually the same thing automatically saving a lot of time and that gives us options  And on top of it, if you’re also listing your gig on Guru instead of Fiverr,

you’re getting a real chance of getting most of the market share, if you will. You’re building a profile for yourself, you’re building some credibility, and that’s the most important element in this process. And of course, once you have collaborated with a few different clients, you can start sharing your results with new potential customers, which boosts your credibility even further. And of course, you can create a few more examples and list them on your profile

so that people can see them and know that they are making a good decision by choosing you. And again, again, this is just a small example, you can take it one step further if you already have a skill that you can capitalise, guru freelancer is a great opportunity if you already have a It’s a great platform for you to reach out to more people than you would by simply posting your gigs on Fiverr and Upwork. This is an untapped source of traffic; thus, it is also an untapped source of income, and all you’ve got to do right now is seek action. So that’s it for now, and I’ll see you next time.

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