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Welcome, guys. Today, let’s this page about graphic design and how you can actually, you know, do more with your graphical design skill and your auto-graphic design skill. Okay, so as a graphical designer, one of the challenges most graphical designers do face sometimes is

How can you actually make money with your graphic design skills?

What is the best platform to join? What is the best site to actually sign up with in order to start selling your products or your services as a graphic designer over at this platform over at this website known as Dribble? Dribble is actually designed specially for graphic designers. It’s a place where you can explore the world’s leading design portfolio, just as millions of designers and agencies around the world showcase their portfolio work on dribble, the home of the world’s best design and creative professionals. Okay,

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Are you a graphical designer?

Let’s say you are very good at elimination, branding, illustration, mobile printing, product design, typography, web design, and so on and so forth. You can actually come over to dribble, share your portfolio here, and then stand the chance of being hired as a graphic designer. Okay, so let me quickly take you on a quick walk around on dribble so that you know the benefits or the advantage of joining dribble. Okay, if you are jumping dribble, you just need to know a few things.

So before I move further let’s quickly know what dribble is all about in detail okay so let’s go down to the bottom line section of this site known as dribble if you scroll down now this site is specially for graphic designers okay so if you’re a graphic designer dribble is a high recommendation for you because people are submitting their portfolios here okay so if you scroll down first of all let’s check out what dribble is all about if you hit on about okay so like I told you guys, dribble is especially designed for graphic designers

This platform is specially created for graphical designer.

How you can hire graphical designers and make money from your graphical design work big money as a graphical designer and all of that is okay, so if you screw that now it’s very simple let’s cool down as you can see design inside the site the heart of the designers. Community, we are on a mission to build the world’s best community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired. Okay, so this is the purpose of Dribble; let’s scroll down now to know more about the 1 trillion pixels shared on Dribble.

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What are you working on? Okay, tens of millions of people look for design inspiration and feedback on dribble. We help players like you share small screenshots to show off your current project, boost your portfolio, and love what you do no matter what kind of creative professional you are. So, guys, I’m just kind of reviewing the site on this page. Okay, so you’ll still stay tuned for another dribble tutorial page where I will show you how to sign up, how to set up your portfolio as a graphical designer, and all of that.

So if you stay cool, you can still learn more about how to dribble. Okay, so let’s go back now and leave the about section of dribble. I’ll still tell you some other stuff that you need to know. So if you still scroll down a little bit on the Dribble site, you will see different creators’ or designers’ portfolios.

We have run Design Lab, looked at people’s posts, and they are getting unique views.

and reactions on their posts here on dribble, okay, so I don’t know what you’re waiting for, become one of Jimbo’s creators sharing your portfolio here in order to get higher because it’s when people go through your work that’s when you have the potential of being hired okay, so let’s just scroll down and check out more people’s portfolios so you can keep checking Lucas; they’re all getting K views, you’re getting thousands of views, and these are thousands of people going

So if you scroll down now, you see that there are a lot of works that people have actually shared here on dribble, and this work has all been viewed by people, and you don’t know who is actually viewing this, um, work, and you don’t know who has actually decided to hire them based on their professionalism, okay? So that’s it, so let’s just scroll up to check out some other stuff about dribble in order to know more about it.

you can easily get design inspiration, like you can explore design work and take on new and, um, net-worthy playoff blogs about elimination. If you want to browse categories, you can go under the “animation” category if you’re a graphic designer, because graphic design actually comes in different categories and subcategories. Animation is there, branding is there, illustration is there, mobile is there, print and design are there, product design is there, typography is there, and web design is there, so

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Which one are you particularly good at as a graphic designer?

Start sharing your work today on Dribble. Okay, in order to get higher, there are high chances of you making thousands of dollars by simply sharing your work here on Dribble. Okay, okay, so that’s it guys, I think this one just quickly has to wrap up this video about, you know, Dribble. You can go through Dribble to know more about them, okay, so you can even check them out on Twitter, our Facebook page, Instagram, and pin them for later.

so if design resources we have  Freelancing design hiring design portfolio design education creative process design industry trends Okay, so there is a lot of stuff; just try your best to go through Dribble and learn more about Dribble and know how you can start making money as a graphic designer here on Dribble, and again, you can refer a friend to end; take a look at this section here where they have the referral program section, which you can actually make money with as well. Okay, guys,

I just have to quickly cut this video short until we meet again in my next make money online tutorial post. Do not forget guys, what I do is teach you how to make money online and build a full-time online business from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter where you are coming from, who you are, your race, or your gender; I don’t care as long as you have the potential to make money online and you’re highly interested, you’re welcome to my blog.


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