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Are you a designer or are you very good with design skills or you’re very good at design project let’s say you’re a graphical designer a very good one then do not worry because this particular platform that I have actually brought you over to is a platform that is actually specially designed for graphical designers okay

so you can be a very nice designer you know how to design very well and you’re very good with the Adobe and you know how to do things with Adobe and all of that or any of the graphical design tool or software that I actually know then this platform is a platform

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where you can start posting or sharing your creative works

Because that’s what people are actually doing here, so if you happen to be a creative you can actually share your work here in order to get hired by people who are looking forward to hiring creators or project designers or good designers or good graphic designers okay as you can see now these people that are posting their graphical design work here all of their work are getting thousands of views okay the platform that we’re actually talking about right now in this review is actually known as the hands  okay behance is a platform

that is specially set aside for designers and for people who are looking for to making money with their design work or from people who are looking forward to getting hired by simply sharing their design works okay so guys don’t worry I’ll take you on a quick walk around on this platform I will show you what this platform is I’ll briefly tell you more about this platform

so that you can jump start into this platform right here as a designer and start taking advantage of future I tell you okay if it’s good and a little bit guys let me take you over to the bottom line section of behance

visitors to his platform

All graphical design works that have been posted by people okay so you can happen to be one of these people now you can see it they are getting K views all of this work are getting thousands of views like this one actually got 11 300 views I got 1 400 likes okay so let’s okay check out the total number of visitors behind actually receive on a monthly basis to know if it’s a good place for us to actually start taking advantage of okay so if I’m to open up my similar web which happens to be a Google Chrome extension tool

that I use to know the total number of visitors a website or a platform they receive on a monthly basis you will discover that because as a November this year the house actually got 43 million monthly visitors to his platform okay so 43 million people that’s a huge number of people and you can actually get hired here like I said as a designer and you can search for design jobs okay

so these are all jobs that have been posted by people um without too much of our time let me just take you to this job section so that you see the type of job so you can actually find here on the hands as a graphical designer who loves making money from your graphical design work okay so if you come over now to the job section of behance

you’ll see creative jobs discover your next career move

Freelance gigs or internships okay, so they have freelance for freelance 229 jobs available, then for full-time they have 126 available, then you see they have creatives for hire okay, so you find jobs now: freelance jobs in television broadcasting and graphic design okay, so this job was actually posted six days ago, then they have graphic designer this job was actually posted a day ago, and this one is clearly stating that we are looking for a graphic designer with strong skills and print infographics and us okay,

then this one current team mortgage okay, so from anywhere they are searching for workers from anywhere uh a freelancer from anywhere graphical design freelancer in particular, part-time graphic designer needed mortgage Financial Service experience; a big plus. Okay, so this platform is actually for graphic designers mostly, especially if you’re a graphic designer you’re looking forward to making money with your graphical design skill the more then the hands is the platform

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where you can easily look out for in order to start making money right away as a graphic designer

this one is looking for an employer from anywhere in the world, a photo editor looking for a photo editor big volume okay, and we consider a lot of jobs you can actually find here to apply to on this particular platform known as behance. Okay, so I’d also try weight-watching for a time. let’s check out the jobs that they have full time then if you check are the ones that are looking for full-time employment do you see product designer um do not drive they do for a product designer full-time employment come help us build the future of our non-profit fundraising tool  okay

so you can see there are a lot of jobs you can actually check it do not forget because they receive over 40 million monthly visitors platform so that’s why you should start taking behind as serious as possible okay so let’s go back now to say no more about the hands so that I will know how to get started with this platform okay so if you come over to the Discover section at this discover section I will see best of enhance project featured today by our creators

so these are all projects that have been posted or published by um behance creators people who are looking to getting hard on behalf okay so these are the featured ones best of the hands  Um, then as you can see, there are people using Illustrator, Lightroom, Photoshop, graphic design photography, and everything you need to know here is available on behalf okay

The best graphic design work

including poster logo branding, music packaging, and more okay, so you can say search for graphic design projects, you can follow graphic designs, and all of that okay, so these are all kinds of graphic design that have been published here and they are getting thousands of views if I’m not mistaken as you can see here you have K views. K views, K view schedule, so you can check out more graphics than well in order to actually get inspired to know what to actually design here because these are all unique designs like these designs are mind-blowing

so I don’t know what you’re still waiting for behance is the platform that you actually need to jump into as a graphical designer in order to start making money publishing your works and standing a chance of getting hired okay so you can even search for different kinds of graphical design work like coming over to this section that says salt as Cantina is unrecommended, you can check for most appreciated designs, most discussed designs, and the most recent designs.

you can find designs here to actually draw inspiration from and start taking advantage of the behance platform right anyway so all you just have to do is do it on sign up as long as you hit on sign up you follow up with the necessary sign up process and then you are good to go with the hands okay guys I think those are quickly after wrap up this post because I’m quickly reviewing this particular platform for you guys

who happens to be graphical designers to actually know

that there is a place where you can easily go to as well to you know showcase your graphical design work set for graphical design jobs and get hard as a graphical designer either on full-time business or on part-time business okay so guys do not forget the name of the platform is behance um they will help you shape your life as a graphical designer okay

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