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How you get more profit in your businessHow you can start Flipkart affiliate marketing

So what exactly is Flipkart affiliate marketing ? Well, I’m on it right now, and as you can see, they saw various different things, mainly an e-commerce platform over in India. Okay, so they’re going to be selling similar products that you might find on platforms such as Amazon and things of that nature, so it’s an e-commerce platform and you can utilise this and

The first thing you will need to do once you go onto the Flipkart website is sign up to become an affiliate, similar to what you would do on the Amazon affiliate program. I’m not going to go over the full step-by-step of exactly how you would do that, but I will show you the process that you need to take first in case you cannot find how to become an affiliate. If you’re running into any trouble signing up to become an affiliate for Flipkart, then I might do an updated post.

So it’s just Flipkart, and if you scroll right to the bottom of these types of websites, and as you can see on this website, they sell things like monitors, cameras, printers, and things of that nature, the products on Flipkart are pretty similar to those on Amazon, which is great, so we just scroll right to the bottom of the website, and if you scroll here, this is where you’d normally find them.

Find the affiliate programme for the e-commerce platform

Flipkart, so as you can see, I cannot find it if I push Ctrl F on my keyboard to find something on the web page and then I type affiliate, as you can see that nothing pops up right here, so that’s fine, we’ll need to just go on over to Google real quick and then just type in Flipkart affiliate program.

When you type in “Flipkart affiliate program” into Google, it pops up and you can see a Flipkart affiliate program. If I just click on this, then we’ll get into the meat and potatoes of exactly how you can promote these different products as an affiliate.

mobile site mobile apps to Flipkart and earn commissions on every single purchase, so promote links on your website. So there you go. You need to get a link for a specific product, or you can send them directly to Flipkart itself, but it will work a little bit better if you get a unique link for each product that you are promoting with the method.

Now that you’ve signed up to become a Flipkart affiliate Now we just need to get our unique link for each product that we are going to be promoting on Flipkart. So, for example, if you see on the Flipkart website that they sell cameras and monitors, those are pretty popular products. Lots of people are buying cameras and monitors on line, so if you just tap in here, “Camera,” we can select from DSLR and mirrorless cameras, okay? So all of these cameras are going to pop up with the price right here, and you will just need to get your unique link for these different products.

Where can I get traffic sources for Flipkart affiliate marketing?

Okay, so once you have that, we are going to be using one of the best traffic sources, and if you don’t know what traffic is, it’s basically just visitors that are going to click on these Flipkart links and make the purchases, so the traffic source that I’m talking about is YouTube when it comes to Amazon affiliate marketing. YouTube is massive; lots of people are creating channels and promoting Amazon products, and you can do the same thing with Flipkart products as well, okay?

what you would do is make use of this different search bar, okay? So in the search bar, you just want to play around with different video topic ideas, and you want to get yourself a title that you can use for a video that you’re going to make, okay? So I could type in “best DSLR camera,” and all these order suggestions are going to pop up. The best DSLR camera 2023: The best DSLR camera for photography Let’s go to this one: “best DSLR camera for beginners in 2022.” That’s 2022, so if you change that input to 2023 in the title,

You can rank much easier for that specific post because the competition is going to be a little bit less because it’s only the beginning of 2023. So you don’t have to show your face on camera with these different posts you’re going to be creating. You can create faceless YouTube videos if you want to show your face, but you can also just go the faceless route and get

pretty good results as well. Now you don’t need to go and purchase all these different products. What you’re going to be doing is giving people a review of the different products, and you’re going to collect that information from various sources like blogs and other YouTube videos, and you’re going to compile the best information into your own unique piece of content and post that as a YouTube video. Put your Flipkart affiliate link here. Okay, so that is a different way of doing this method

How you get more profit in your business

but using Flipkart instead of Amazon and it can work out pretty great if you stay consistent with uploading these videos I recommend in the beginning because you’re just getting started and you’re learning the process you can do like two to three videos per week but eventually you want to maybe like six months down the line three to six months down the line you can beat uploading these videos on a daily basis and as you get more profit in your business what you can do is you can slowly start Outsourcing this content to Freelancers and then you pay them to create the videos for you so all you need to do is focus on getting the video topics and

you can put all your energy on that so instead of using these Amazon links you would simply just replace that with all the different products that you find on Flipkart this is a very effective method and it works with any e-commerce platform like Amazon and Flipkart okay so if you you’re based out of India you can use this method to make money with affiliate marketing and Flipkart okay so the video editor that I mentioned that is 100 free that you can use to create these different videos is a video editor that I personally use to create every single one of my YouTube videos and that’s a video editor called DaVinci Resolve 18.

So here it is; you can download it; don’t go for this one right here; that’s the studio; that’s the paid plan. I just personally use the free plan, and it works great, so just click on “download” now, and you can begin editing those faceless videos that you’re going to upload onto YouTube to promote Flipkart products. So now, if you want to learn my number one recommendation for making a full-time income online with affiliate marketing, with that being said, I’ll see you in the next lesson.

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