Affiliate program on ebay

Ebay Affiliate program

In this post, I reveal how to make money with the ebay affiliate program and how complete beginners earning a hundred to seven hundred dollars a day with no experience can make money with ebay.

I used to literally go ahead and find products on walmart and then literally copy and paste this exact same image and you can see that this is 199 bucks and I literally sell it on places like ebay for 242 and then once someone would buy this product i would then take the money and then buy it from walmart at a lower cost and then ship it directly to them. Now that was awesome when i first got my first couple of sales, but as it grew in scale it turned into a nightmare because i was like,

How do i deal with returns, shipping, and handling

what if i just even recommend this product from ebay i can literally get a percentage of the sale but i don’t have to do any of the shipping or the handling i don’t have to hire filipino virtual assistants to go ahead and do like the the work for me i could literally just recommend products on ebay and get a percentage of that and that’s when i literally figured out that they have an ebay partner network

where if you literally recommend for free by earning money by driving traffic and promoting sales across you know ebay you can literally get passive income where you can literally make money from ebay and never have to actually ship any of the things and this is something that i would just blew my mind and it wasn’t until i started meeting people profit like here at bali did i start meeting people that actually made really good money with the ebay partner network like years ago back in the day

When not a lot of people knew about these certain concepts

you could see how crazy this is because how this essentially works is you sign up for free the moment you sign up for free you literally get access to recommend over a billion products a billion products guys and how this essentially works is whenever someone goes ahead and clicks on any of the products that you know you recommended to you would get a commission off of it right so back in the day you know one of the people that i interviewed on my podcast was one of like my mentors that taught me so much about affiliate marketing not only did he tell me

how to go from like zero dollars to a hundred dollars a day with affiliate marketing but he also taught me how in the past 30 days was a similar method to go to 54 000 net and remember this is someone like me who’s not the smartest person in the world right like i never had the confidence of thinking that i could achieve anything online i wasn’t tech savvy i didn’t have really the skills he literally taught me these concepts and

i remember when i was interviewing him in one of my podcast interviews in um bali where he was like telling me yeah man i made a lot of money with the ebay partner network and i was like what did you do he said well essentially what it did was i created a website where it was just you know reviewing a bunch of products online i didn’t make youtube videos about it it was just a simple website and whenever someone went and clicked on any one of my links they would get

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What is known as a cookie now

it’s not a cookie that you go ahead and eat okay it’s a cookie where essentially it tells ebay that wow this person literally came from this from you know my mentor’s website meaning if this person ends up buying through my friend through my mentor’s website we would give you know my mentor and my friend you know a commission off of it right so that’s exactly what it is my mentor kind of created a site not like this but it’s a similar thing like this where this is why i’m broke this is one of those affiliate site examples right

where they literally put a bunch of weird images from all these crazy places and if you click on any one of these products you know they send them to amazon they send them to amazon and even if it’s not currently available the fact that they just sent the traffic to amazon and they buy something from amazon you this person would still get a commission off of it  my mentor literally did this exact same thing

but with ebay because ebay had so many different products at the time this was even before amazon was like a big thing and he would just recommend products through affiliate marketing with products that he never had to touch and he literally made like so much money off of it and the craziest thing is he didn’t have to have a big team he didn’t have to have you know for example you know like have any tech skills he just needed to know

How to create a website and how to list products on

It that’s really what we do with my blog as you can see my blog is not the prettiest blog in the world if anything it’s really ugly but we for example recommend e-commerce solutions right so we don’t necessarily recommend like ebay products but we recommend e-commerce solutions and we wrap them around specific products that solve a problem that’s exactly how you know we’re able to pull in such crazy numbers

where in the past seven days you know we netted about like twelve thousand dollars net right and we use for example pinterest to drive people to for example our blog where you can see like a hundred and ten thousand monthly views and you can see some of these clicks are 177 clicks for free we literally use like for example canva which is a free software and service online where we just you know create these ugly pins upload it for example onto pinterest

just like this and we send people to our blog articles right it takes like literally a couple of minutes and then we also use youtube to do the exact same thing right if we’re like okay

How to make money with e-commerce

we would start making content on all these things that pop up because this is literally what youtube and google which is you know owns youtube tells me people are searching for so the more we started creating content based off of what people are searching for the more you know we can have a higher chance of actually being put in front of them so one of the things that you can do when it comes to the ebay partner now because you want to begin with okay what is the most profitable thing that

i can go ahead and promote you know one of the profitable niches in this area that is problem focused is you know electronics or cameras right like you could see if i come in here and type in for example uh camera for video uh for vlogging you can see that some of these cameras are 100 bucks 99 bucks you know 149 bucks we can even do for example gh5 which is the camera that we’re shooting off right now this gh5 is like 1200 bucks 300 bucks now the thing that i like doing about this um if i was going to do this method is

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When you start you know some type of affiliate programme

with physical products you want to choose expensive hobbies because a lot of them will look at content online like for example i remember when i was like into snowboarding right it’s an expensive hobby man like you have to get all this gear and travel and whatnot you literally have you like you read a bunch of content online right so if people are reading content on it it’s easier to you know find affiliate programmes and put it in front of them uh golf is another big one tennis is another big one you know skiing is a huge one there’s

so many rich like friends that i had and i was always broke and they’re like yeah we’re going to vale colorado for this uh winter you want to come mike and i’m like i don’t have the money but that’s exactly what i’m talking about focusing on expensive luxury like style niches on the physical products where there’s content around that’s a one really good way right so what i would do is i would literally go ahead sign up for this for free and find like literally

What are the most expensive products

because the more expensive products the higher your commission is in terms of because you know it’s a more expensive product like you know ten percent of ten dollars is a dollar but ten percent of a thousand dollars is a hundred bucks so you can see why that starts like adding up right  the next thing that i would ask myself say if this was cameras is what is the problem that this product is solving because people are buying products because it’s a solution to a problem that’s what you guys gotta understand like for example my dog literally peed on my pillow the other day and that’s a problem right

so i remember googling on google why did my dog pee on my pillow and all these pieces of content started popping up guess what all those contents did and pieces of content and blog articles they recommended me to a product it was either like a course teaching me how to train my puppy or maybe like you know a physical product where they can go ahead and eat and you know they’ll they won’t pee on your like pillow anymore right but i started realising that

that’s exactly how the internet works you literally find a product that solves a problem and you create a content to literally attract people to go ahead and buy that product right so that’s really what i would do if i was going to go ahead and promote this from for example the ebay partner network i would find out okay well what are the problems that people are searching for one thing is for example best camera for and you see all these things that pop up this is literally

What people are searching for to go ahead and want to buy something

and it’s pretty simple you’re probably looking like why did you use word best well here i live in bali indonesia right and here in bali it’s like crazy because not only are there really all these successful people that make a bunch of money online like wim hof’s brother which i interviewed and mike chang from six-pack shortcuts and all these crazy millionaires that make a bunch of money online um but it also is like the

best restaurants man and there were so many times that i would google best cheeseburger in bali now do you think when i google that that i want to like you know educate myself on the top 10 reasons why cheeseburgers are good for me no i want to give a company money so i can eat food okay i didn’t google what is a cheeseburger i didn’t google how to make my own cheeseburger at home i googled best cheeseburger in bali i want to give a restaurant money and that’s exactly what people are doing online you could create content about like for example how to what is but if you

for example type in best camera four and create content on any one of this and it doesn’t even have to be on youtube you can literally go make a blog article about it you could use pinterest to go ahead and you know attract traffic you can even use canva to make the images to go ahead and attract them through pinterest you don’t have to make videos you can literally then recommend the camera in the from ebay and if someone goes ahead and buys you could be Money can be earned

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