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How do i become a website tester?

Tester work is a website which allows you to test websites and apps and earn money from it, but can you really earn anything significant from there website tester? That’s exactly what I did over the past two weeks when I signed up to be a tester, and based on what I’ve seen, I think you can earn at least 150 dollars a month by working like 30 minutes a week. So here’s

What you do head over to website tester work com and sign up

It’s very simple steps to Signup email, password, etc. Essentially, companies come here with their websites and apps and ask you, the tester, to test these out with different devices. mobile phones pcs etc so every single device you have access to with operating systems in mind list them out there the more you have the more chances you will get in other words the more tests you can qualify for like when you’re listing it doesn’t have to be the exact device model

but the os version is important android 9 10 etc in some cases the platform matters as well like audio on arm 64 or audio on amd that does matter sometimes but that’s only for a few specific test cases so i signed up with the devices that i have and within the next three days i got an invitation from bbc is a very well known

reputable news publication and they were looking for website testers

to test out their website loading speeds so you will get an invitation like this it will specify everything like the device requirements etc and they’ll even mention a timing you’ll usually have 24 hours to do the whole thing in this case they shared me an excel sheet or a google sheet with some details in it now i forgot to record it at the time and now i have lost access so i created a dummy version of that based on my memory it was kind of like this

but it was a lot more professional but that’s not the point the point is what you need to do so since this was a url speed test like the page loading test of course they need a reference so they’ll ask you to put down your internet speed so simply go to speedtest on the device that you’re using to test mention the download and upload speeds  take a screenshot and post it there,

and then they had a few tests like this where they even gave you detailed instructions. simply click on that and exactly record the time that the page needs to load, so they recommended having a separate device that acts as a stopwatch so you can actually use a different stopwatch or clock whatever you have.

I had like multiple devices with me anyway

so I used one phone as a stopwatch and the other phone which I was testing as the main test device. So in this case the accuracy had to be within 0.1 seconds. It sounds very bad but actually it’s really easy just keep both your fingers ready to click on the page and start the timer at the same time. It’s actually easier than you think. So i did that. They were like literally four to five pages and that hardly took me two to three minutes in this case I had to do it both for wi-fi and for mobile data, so yeah. bbc is a professional website so it was loading very well

so i just gave my observations and remarks like i wrote some remarks on the side that this can be improved or that can be improved just based on my understanding you don’t have to be very descriptive but i’m usually like that i’m a very descriptive detailed person so i wrote like two to three lines of my personal remarks and that’s it i sent it off and never heard from them for about the next five days

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i thought well this is a lost cause i’m not gonna hear back from them or maybe you know they didn’t like my work or something but no just today i got the email that paypal has been credited 24 which is exactly the amount they promised and i got two more invitations today for two other tests i may or may not do them but the point is you can earn from this website all they need from you is to be alert and attentive to see what’s going on on the website and report back

with helpful tips basically give your user experience and help them fine-tune their business

and of course they’ll pay you so after paypal’s 1.6 dollar fee debit i got about 22 dollars for hardly 15 minutes of work and that too it was a super simple work it wasn’t like 15 minutes of intense
activity no it was just starting and stopping a timer which was like a game to me imagine getting paid to have a playful interaction with your device and record your timing i mean as i said i got two other test invitations today

but on an average i think you will get at least three invitations a week so even if you do two out of those three an average of twenty dollars is like pretty much guaranteed so if you’re a student if you’re someone with a little extra free time i mean come on who doesn’t have 15 minutes of free time in their day literally everyone head over to testerwork website Create a profile if nothing else, well, it’s free anyways, so

you’re not paying anything, but if you do get something, you’ll get some extra pocket change. There is literally nothing to lose, so yeah, and these were my experiences after two weeks of using it, so if you like my effort and want to see more videos like this, just leave a like that will let me know that you want to see more stuff like this and i’ll make them.

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