Earn bitcoin from Adbtc

Today i am telling about adbtc website and this website is one that i frequently use in particular for advertising but i also recently found a new way to stop putting in my own money in order to advertise

how i can earn bitcoin passively

all right so let’s take a look and it says here bitcoins for viewing website so today they have 72 sites available a total amount of 619 satoshi’s so if you’re looking for passive income and you want to have a zero deposit so that you don’t have to put any money out and you want to earn you can utilise this website in order to earn bitcoin.

They have two programmes one for advertisers and one for owners now again i primarily was using it for advertising a lot of my bitcoin opportunities and it states here target real bitcoin users cost per click starts from five satoshi and no minimum purchase required so whatever amount of bitcoin i have then i can just deposit that and advertise to potential bitcoin investors now you also have earners earn up to 200 satoshi’s per click withdrawals from 0.0002 btc now they also have an affiliate programme in which you can earn 7.5 percent from your referral.

surfing earnings or you can also earn 7.5 from your referral advertisement spending so there are really three ways to earn and again this is with zero out of pocket you earn just by surfing the websites you also can earn if you refer somebody to the site and they surf and earn money then guess what you’re going to earn 7.5 percent and then in addition you are also going to earn 7.5 percent if somebody uses this website to advertise their bitcoin opportunities

Adbtc Bitcoin uses a peer-to-peer technology

P2P Technology operate with no central authority or bank so this is kind of telling you a little bit about bitcoin and then they are also showing you the latest deposits on the site so everything’s transparent as well as the latest amount of satoshis that you or that people have withdrawn so i think

There are three different methods you can use to withdraw so you can see they have you can withdraw straight to your bitcoin wallet and also to uh faucethub and i believe there’s one more all right so what i’m going to do is to go ahead and log in and see okay so my sign in is successful and i believe this site is obviously out of russia as you see some of the russian language that was at the bottom of this website so right now on my advertising balance i have 4 500 satoshi’s and again

This is money that i’ve sent over there specifically the last amount i put into the site was 12 but i had been using it strictly for advertising i don’t do any surfing in order to earn however you can do that but one of the really cool things that i saw is that me spending i’ll say maybe ten dollars a week or just whatever i choose to to spend on advertising i could do it a simpler way where i don’t have to keep putting money in here and you can see up here i currently have 424 satoshi’s and again this is money that i put in the 4 500

What they have is a referral market

What their referral market is is after a person comes on the system and they’ve established their account for one week they give you the opportunity to purchase that referral all right so a lot of people they are unable to get referrals well let’s say you have twenty or thirty dollars you can actually send that over here to your balance by depositing it and you can come over here and

purchase these referrals so what i did as of recently is i purchased about seven referrals so and these were people that had uh earn money um on that particular day that was part of my criteria that i use so this person here you can see they registered on 12 11 2017

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This is how much they have earned total on this site

but this is how much they earn today so these are people that are actively coming to the site utilising it and earning bitcoin so what their referral market allows you to do is to earn that 7.5 percent based upon somebody else’s efforts so i can come in here and i literally bought up some of these referrals so you can see the price of this is eight eight you know all eight satoshi’s but anyway this is really like

we’re talking about three or four dollars with some of these are really pennies on the dollar that you can buy these referrals so let’s jump over here i can show you my referral system so one of them was my direct referral but other than that the other seven i purchased directly so you can see here when they registered earned all right and so some of them may not be active but looks like this person was active yesterday so i earned 24 all right and then this person here i’ve earned 21 of her earn earnings now earned today so this person was active online and i’ve gotten 75 satoshi’s out of this

you can see that every single day. i am going to receive bitcoin based upon other people’s efforts now personally i could take and set this and forget it now it does depend upon whether or not they log in but it seems like one of my criteria is again was to take a look and see if it shuffled it and all the people that were active so when i selected them from the market i made sure that they had recently

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Earned from this particular website but again i just purchased

These referrals yesterday i’ve already earned 97 satoshi’s 55 from this person 75 so you can see over time that this can really add up so right now i have eight referrals i would like to get it up to at least maybe 20 referrals and it probably won’t cost me i’ll say more than 20 dollars to even get acquire these 12 more accounts so that i can have another passive income generating system and this money i can choose to withdraw it so any of the money that i earn will go here or this button here is to transfer it so

i can also take any of the money earned here and i can move it over to my advertising balance so inevitably i’ll spend i’ll say 20 to 30 dollars to get all these referrals and then they’re going to be working for me on a daily basis to earn me satoshi’s which eventually will turn you know it will grow and i can transfer that over and now i’m advertising for free because i always have something on my balance as long as these people log in or i may just if i didn’t choose to advertise.

i have a generating bitcoin money machine

that is going to work for me, while i sleep so getting started with this site and again i told you three different ways that you can earn but it is free to register and you can sign up and you can start surfing and earning your satoshis each day or maybe you have a little bit more money to invest maybe forty dollars fifty and you can buy your referrals from the referral marketplace here and and again you want to make sure that it is

somebody that has let’s see if it comes up somebody that is active in the system and this is all that you will pay in order to purchase these referrals and some of them are very cheap um this here uh 33 000 satoshi’s i mean that’s that’s really nothing again we’re talking about a few dollars here if that uh to purchase this and have this person working for you each and every day so that’s all i have i’ll put a link to add btc.top

i am involved in all right and again the cost per click and it does i think vary based on the price of bitcoin but you are going to get a lot of exposure using this particular site so i’ve had uh you know some pretty decent success uh with this site and it’s all in how you uh title you know it so you give it a nice title people will click on it and earn some people will do it just to earn the bitcoin but there are other people that are out there that are actually looking for active investment, so this is also a very good place to advertise any of your bitcoin opportunities.

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